Guardians University: The other guys are just safety schools

“Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.” - Mark Twain

Is your alliance holding you back? Are you looking for a better future? Want to be part of an alliance family that does the schooling rather than getting schooled? Sounds like it’s time to enroll in the Guardians University!

We are one of the Guardians family alliances. Multiple levels of alliances for various levels of players.

From beginner to pro:

Guardians Academy
Guardians Rising
Guardians University
Guardians of the North!
Guardians Ascending
Guardians Reborn

I’m a long-time Guardian coming up on my second year in the Guardians family. It is a place to learn, connect and have fun while developing your skills for the next level of play.

Even if you’re not sure in which alliance you belong, we’ll help you figure it out. Come by and see what the Guardians family has to offer.



Right now we are hitting mainly 9* and 10* Titans. War opponents tend to be between 4100-4600 TP. There’s room for you if you come by now, but make sure you hurry!


Top notch bunch of people across all the alliances. Highly recommended.

Come join us!



Ive been in the Alliance for years and played in all the rooms at one stage, come join and learn from some of the best, visit us and find your happy place to play and learn.

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Awesome group of people! I’ve lost count of how many years I’ve been with the Guardians family, but those years have been awesome!

I was one of the original 6 or so that founded the Guardians University. Uni has since grown, but still retains its family feeling, training focus, and Tren (our Uni leader)!

If you’re not sure in which group you belong in the Guardians family, pop in and we’ll help you figure it out. See you soon!


We made it to 17 on the Christmas “buy gems for you and your alliance” deal. That means if you had joined a few days ago, which you should have, you’d be 510 gems richer. But you didn’t, so you aren’t.

We all make mistakes. We’ll give you another shot. Come hit this Mythic Titan with us.

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Too late for this Mythic Titan, but you can still take your chance to join the Guardians family in 2021 … so send your request soon.

After a new start for the new year? Call into Guardians University and say hi, you’ll want to stay. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, use all war flags if opted in and hit the titan regularly.

Either today’s war or the next will fill our war chest, so it’s a good time to jump in!

Start off the new year in a great alliance, university has excellent leaders and is fun to play with, call in and visit, you will want to stay longer.

PoV’s wrapping up in a little over a week–are you scrambling to kill Titans because of your lame alliance? I’m finishing today because my alliance rocks.

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