Guardians University: Where you spank and sometimes get spanked in war!

Looking for a mid range alliance where wars and titans are mandatory.
7-8 start titans

Organised attack and rally preferred with mid term hits on respawns.


Looking for a mid range alliance where wars and titans are mandatory.
7-8 start titans

Organised attack and rally preferred with mid term hits on respawns.

What is your current participation lvl out of the 25 players in the alliance?
Thank you

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Both Guardians University and Guardians Rising have a war participation of about 85-90% over the thumb.

Guardians University is fighting 9* titans, while Guardians Rising is fighting 7-8*s.

War participation is not mandatory in Rising, but highly recommended.

Both alliances follow the same wave strategy in war to ease graduation from Rising to University.

Hope this anders your questions and … hope to welcome as part of our family soon.


Not entirely,
What are the numbers of participants in each out of the total players, and what is the war strategy?


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War strategy is a 2-wave strategy: Take out the lowest 6-8 targets twice within the first 12 hours, go for any target in the last 12 hours.

Both alliances are using coordinated tank colors, University (as far as I know) also tries coordinated flanks (at least from time to time).

If someone needs to opt out of war, that’s ok on a temporary basis (life sometimes prevents you from participating in wars). If you opt in you have to use all your flags, however.

Participation in war for Rising was 22/23 in the last war, 21/22 in the war before.

I don’t have the exact numbers for University (I’m in Rising), but afaik it was 23/25 in the last war and 22/25 in the war before.

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Thanks for your questions! In Guardians University, we have 23 out of 25 participating in war and that’s our norm. We use 2 war waves.

Since we have a consistently 9-10* Titan, if you’re looking for 7-8* Titan, your best bet is to go with Guardians Rising.

Looks like you’re already talking to @Thoran who is the leader in Guardians Rising.

Feel free to ask more questions. Hope to see you in one of our family alliances!

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As I said above, I joined (or “graduated to”) Uni from Rising three or four weeks ago. Rising seems to be more the level you’re looking for, and Thoran there is an amazing leader and teacher. (Hey, @Thoran!) It is a very friendly and active alliance. There is a 0% chance you would regret joining Guardians Rising.


Yasss!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: I want to see this one @YodaCandy


Hey @BaronVonFuryfists, glad to see you are doing fine in University. :+1:


Tibs and Colen’s hair tips: Coming soon! :joy: @GrandFlyer

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I present to you, up next, Colen and Tibs!

Now we know their secrets!

@GrandFlyer @BaronVonFuryfists

Edit: It got a little cut off, but it’s Obakan in the corner.


This is beautiful!!! Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

UP NEXT: Skadi and Malosi Arm Wrestle to settle a dispute!

Coming soon! :joy: @coopchex

Nice!! 20 characters of expectation!

:rofl::rofl::rofl: @YodaCandy that’s fantasticly hiiilarious!! When you tap the pic it expands and Obakan is obviously jealous LOL

Guardians University is still recruiting: 3 spots left!

Spots are also open in Guardians Academy! I’m currently in Guardians Academy helping out. We have just had a massive graduation and sent graduates to Guardians Rising.

Come take your spot!

Up Now: Skadi and Malosi Arm Wrestle to Settle a Dispute!



I LOVE IT!!! Skadi wins all day…her hands can crush a mana skull.

Awesome job!

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Thank you! I really couldn’t tell if skadi’s hand were really that big or because of perception (like we were looking up and her hands were closer to us. Lol). So I made her hands kind of normal, but now I’m convinced that her hands were actually really big. My bad. I’ll remember that for next time. :joy:

Skadi and Malosi match retake!

I made Skadi’s hand bigger and changed the background color to match their elements.

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