Mid Range or New Alliance Wanted

Looking for a mid range alliance where wars and titans are mandatory.
7-8 start titans

Organised attack and rally preferred with mid term hits on respawns.

Hi @Mkjs

The Guardians family are old friends of mine and have a level to match most people.

They love a good war too.

@ckara7 @YodaCandy


We have room for you in the Locker. Everything you are looking for as far as war goes but we are doing 10/11* titans. Come and give us a look.

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What is your current participation in wars out of the 28 members?

We usually have at least 25 on the battlefield and all flags are used.

Thanks for your reply, I maybe dropping by after the war

We have 26 on the battlefield for the upcoming war.

More tempting by the minute :smile:
Strongest team 4015 weakest 3025

No problem, we are about effort not power levels.

Check out Crew-Rabid-Wardogz. @Tazman and co are a great bunch :+1:

Just hit that link above and check us out. We do a short interview that can tell you how you would fit on 1 of our teams. If you decide not to join you can still have free access to our library and receive advice from our advisors.

Sure we are fit for ya! Come and check us

War matching is fast approaching, did you want to come and give us a try? If so, just search Locker and you will find us. My game name is the same as here.

Hi Mkjs,

The Fifth Element is the alliance for you. We check all your boxes. Come visit us, Lilu is our leader. 6 and 7 Titans, use all our flags, war strategy, you name it. We’re only 9 and looking to expand.

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