Green peeps

I’m trying to figure out who to level up as a green defensive hero, I have Lady of the lake &Kingston, I also have horghal and Margaret but I know those aren’t good in that area. Any help would be appreciated.

Without knowing what other heroes you plan on adding to your defense, we cannot adequately help you.

That’s basically everything I skipped a row of repeat hotm cause I have other leveled versions

From what you’ve showed me, I’d go with Kingston and your yellow hero should be Li Xiu.

I’d do the healers first.
Viv and the LakeLady.

Lakey also is an excellent tank imo and healers help with game progress.

2nd green Kingsley for sure.

If I were you I’d go with Kingston, and that’s speaking as someone who loves LotL. Looking at what you have I’d run Gravemaker with Seshat and Kingston as the left and right flanks. After that things get a little muddled since your roster is kind of all over the place, but I think I’d run Miki on the right wing and Leonidas on the left wing. If you have darts to max someone I’d maybe do Vivica instead of Leo though.

Aren’t slowies better placed in center positions? Imo slow heroes are wasted on wing, if they won’t ressurect.

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I agree, but I suggest Miki there simply because a maxed Miki is going to be much stronger than Richard at 3.70 or one of the OP’s maxed 4*s. It’s definitely not optimal, but I thought it might be the best option in the context of the present roster I see. After looking again it might be better to have Kiril on the right wing though.

I have enough to fully upgrade one of those 3 yellows including Viv but I pulled her and kingston yesterday so just was curious

I can almost fully level a green just need one tonic but I think kingston is better than lady at this point

Was thinking this maybe once they are leveled but idk 2 slow healers is kinda a waste

IMO, that line up is too passive and an incoming Zim would really hurt you if you keep Wilbur on that defense. Lady of the Lake shouldn’t be a priority over Kingston in my opinion. Use GM as your tank and flank him with Li Xiu and Kingston and have Seshat as your LEFT wing (she can dispel any buffs before any of your heroes fire after her) and then add a blue hero to the mix.

Two healers isn’t a waste, but that team wouldn’t work very well. Gravemaker is wasted in the corner. He should either be a flank or a tank, he is presently your best tank option by a long way. Wilbur also isn’t a good defensive option because it’s really easy to flip his special against him. You also don’t want to stack a color on defense unless you don’t have another option or there is a specific synergy that makes it worth it, and running Wilbur along with GM just give even more reason for people to stack blue against you.

I haven’t used or raided against Kingston yet, but he is clearly very strong. He is a perfect flank to Gravemaker and I think he is definitely the right priority over LotL.

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FWIW, I think it may depend on set-up. I run at times an Alby, Misandra, Onatel, Seshat, Azlar squad with Mana troop on Azlar and Alby. If Misandra helps with Mana gain and Alby adds to that with the 10% gain, then Azlar in the corner can still charge fast enough to be useful there without exposing him to blue counters in the flank.

I’ve ran corner John with Elena flank before and won in defense (two slows, I know), so I think it just depends. With defense, a lot goes into whether you get the win or loss imo, so I try to look at a good team synergy moreso than worry about Mana speeds.

Maybe this I have kiril I could put in as a an average till Viv went off that’s how I was running it with lady that was I get 2 heals back to back but I’m getting stronger than his 747 def so just kinda lost, I appreciate all you guys’ input just trying to get more opinions than the 10 people in my clan that know how to play :joy::grin:

Personally @UnShavenMule, I wouldn’t run Vivica on your def team. Is her special good, absolutely. Her stats, however, are not. You should focus your efforts on Kingston and a decent blue option for your def.

also, on an unrelated note, you should really focus your efforts and materials on one set of heroes at a time. I couldn’t help but notice how you have several heroes all at different, random points in ascension. That can drastically impede your growth.

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Rule of thumb is that your first 5* should be a generalist and subsequent ones specialists based on your bench needs. Since you’ve already pulled the trigger on your red, blue, and purple then that leaves green and yellow.

I’d go with Kingston and Vivica to have a more balanced approach. Kingston is good on offense and defense whereas Lady of the Lake is better suited to offense due to her special being too easy to shut down by the plethora of red heroes, but I don’t have much practical experience fighting Lady in raids, whereas Kingston has a lot of analogues which makes assessing him easier.

Lady is roughly comparable to heroes like Delilah or Santa who are pretty strong, but Lady’s whole schtick are her minions, and tank position puts those three directly in the line of fire. She could be a vague analogue to Guin, but at slow she’s less reliable, and there’s too many red that can shut her down.

I mean I don’t think you can make a wrong choice between Lady or Kingston. One is more reliable but kinda boring (Kingston) whereas the other is more explosive and powerful in events and against Titans but is kinda unreliable due to the slow speed (Lady). It’s really up to you.

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The reason they are this spread out is I wanted 6 500+ teams for raids, now that I have that I’ve been focusing on getting them until I get the resources to final asc but now I have ranvir, Leo and just pull Viv so I don’t know who to go with green I need one more potion but other than that I can get them to 3/7, that’s why it’s so spread out but now I’m finally at the point to make big decisions, just don’t want to muff it then have to wait 4 months to fix it

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LotL is, IMO, not better than Kingston in either of these areas. On titans, minion heroes are ill advised because minions contribute to time lost, and sometimes, those few seconds could mean the difference between a 10-15K damage difference.

On events, especially the new avalon(and soon to be released Grimforest) Kingston’s attack down on three will be very valuable. Mana control is amazing, I agree, but the small amount of mana the sword minions leach won’t help if you cause a cascade that doesn’t lead to a kill.

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