PLease advise me with greens)

Hi everyone,
need your advices and opinions on who will be my next maximized green hero. At this moment I’ve got Telly, Kingston, Lianna, Morgan L.F and MN. I also use Hansel a lot, he is amazing. Adding costumed Melendor and Caedmon sometimes to my war sixth team. Telly is my def tank and we stuck in blue center in wars.
Got tonics recently and can’t choose whom to ascend: Lady of the Lake, Frigg, Lady Locke or Zocc. No pijamas for Kadilen or Elkanen thus these two are doomed to 3x70 :slight_smile:
What do you think?
Thank you and have fun😊

You already have the great hitters Kingston and Lianna so you don’t need Zocc.

Morgan LF is similar enough to Lady Locke that you don’t need her either. I like Morgan LF cause she steals the HP of others rather than just poisoning them over time like Locke.

Toss up of Frigg and LotL. LotL is a great healer and her mana cutting minions are great, especially if you pop another minion generator first to keep hers alive longer.

I don’t have Frigg so can’t say much about her.

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Frigg would be my choice. You have some good firepower in green and Frigg would enhance that. Lotl is great but you have MN already so lady can wait imo.

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Another vote for Frigg. She is the only green defense debuffer at fast mana, ideal if you have Evelyn or Almur firing before her.

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If you like Hansel you will love Zocc. Maybe not the best hero from the group but really solid and fun to play with.


Thank you, guys, Frigg it will be this time, Zocc is next. I do not consider Zocc as a DD, he’s a controler as I understand. Both Ladies are great, mighty damage for three from LL and mana control from LotL are inestimable but so few tonics… i still will use them at wars at 3x70

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Well, I would not compare Hansel with Zocc since both have different mana speed and skill effects as the former tends to damage the target hero when the mana is full and setting its mana to half while the latter tends to damage the target only when the target has no other living ally left when the mana is full (or hits other ally heroes thru Mindless Attack when mana is full) and resetting the mana to zero. I would rather compare Zocc similarly to Merlin as he also has average mana and Mindless attack minus the mana increase and the Element Link.

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