Help me with another green

Hi there,
recently i gather up my 6th tonic, not so sure where to use it.
So far i have Kingston+18, Mother North +13, c Lianna.
Since my emblems will goes for MN and Posseidon, due having it at my defense, emblems aint an issue.

Cant decide between second Kingston or The Hatter, other options are Lady Locke, Zocc, Kadilen and c Horghall.

Hatter gonna have goid use for all the tourneys for sure, but Kingston is simply awesome.

What you think guys?


Hatter or Lady Locke…with only 3 maxed greens don’t think about dupes. Variety is key :smile: personally I would ascend Lady Locke for the cleanse and massive dot.


I’d do Lady Locke, she is often overlooked as she isn’t that good on defence, but with emblems and a high level troop you can get her AOE damage to well over 1000! Plus her cleanse is very useful in this meta and she is also useable in bloody battle as a non-healing cleanser too.


I gotta go with @Maltkitty and @Zion0991 on this one. Love my Lady Locke and in addition to her insane DoT she has a crazy high attack stat as well, so green stacks are deadly with her.

Locke for sure. High attack damage, good for green stacks, cleanse AND massive DOT. would be good, if you can give her some emblems to leverage defense as she is squishy.

Well i got some spare emblems for Locke, seems i will give her a chance.
Saving up emblems for Krampus, if i wont get him, Locke might go for it i guess.

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I love Kingston. I pulled in the last ToL hoping to get him, but I couldn’t.

Hatter was the first 5* hero I got from a special event and I still use him. There aren’t so many 5* dispellers and it’s so funny stealing the enemies’ buffs. However, in a defense team is too unpredictable.

Lady of the lake is such a nightmare if she summons that hating minions.

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