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Hi guys. I have alberich talent 20. And i want to level up my second green hero. I have mother north Francine lianna. I dont know if mother north is good for defence with alberich. Please help

If Alby is your only fully leveled green 5*, then I’d certainly be looking for someone other than Mother North. Francine and Lianna are both good choices. I’d lean Francine but if you need snipers I can see Lianna winning out.

If you do go MN it’s possible her and Alby can keep the rest of your team alive so it won’t matter if you don’t have strong other hitters. Not sure I would want this but it’s possible.


I’m in similiar situations, I already have Alby+20, but I also have Telluria+20, Evelyn, Lianna and Kingston maxed, and my choice is either Francine 3.70 and MN 3.70.
I’m thinking MN for my 2nd green team with Almur, etc… Francine is great for defense as flank of red tank.
I’m still waiting my 6th tonic, and in my case currently I’m leaning to MN instead of Francine, but Francine will get tonic afterward.



I have maxed MN. She is good, even without emblems as she is sturdy as is. She serves in my second monogreen team. Make no mistake, Francine is good, too.


Albe and MN will be good in VF wars and tourneys. But if I were you, it’s between Lianna and Francine. Tie breaker may be determined on the available emblems.


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