Gravemaker or B. Knight? Who's better on Defense?

I was fortunate enough to pull B. Knight off of challenge coins this morning. He has definitely jumped up my list of red heroes to max, passing Grazul, Red Hood and Mitsuko.

My current defense team is:
Kingston +9 (ATK route)
Ariel +9 (DEF route)
Ursena +10 (DEF route)
Gravemaker +10 (ATK route)
Joon +10 (ATK route)

Gravemaker has been my go-to hero as he was my first ever 5* from Atlantis last May (?), and has held various positions on my defense team - but, is he better than Gravemaker in a defensive capacity? Is my defense team scarier with B. Knight instead of Gravemaker?

I also have the following 5* maxed:
G. Gazelle
Athena +9
Alberich +9
Ares +8

I am also currently in the process of maxing Mother North and Frida.
I might reallocate paladin emblems to Frida once done, but I think I’ll keep my cleric emblems on Ariel.

An option might be to kick Ariel off the defense team and incorporate B. Knight as he would increase the durability of the entire team, but I also imagine Ariel’s mana boost being a problem with a damage dealing tank like Ursena.


Id say go with whoever you can give the most emblems to or doesn’t end up in the wings.

GM is still a favorite, but emblems have taken away much of his bite. I don’t us him on defense or offense any more, but I love him for events.

I don’t have BK, but I would use him if I had him. Great tank or flank.

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For me as a more novice player, I’ve mowed through a good number of Gravemakers in Raids and Wars, but the Black Knight is one I avoid. When fully maxed and emblemed just a bit, defensively BK goes way further in my eyes than Graves. But maybe it does depend on your emblem situation as @Hcmitchellr said.

But if you do have the emblems for BK, then I’d go BK without question.


Grave and B. Knight share the same class, so if I were to replace GM with BKnight, I would reallocate all of his emblems.

Dang. Tough call. I’m curious if anyone here has had lots of success going up against BK. It maybe just me.

Id rather go up against GM than BK unless red was in the wing

BK has never caused me trouble…But I run mono

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It depends largely on which position in the defensive line up they will be filling…

If it’s the tank position it’s BK without a doubt…

If it’s the flank position it could go either way depending largely on what style of tank you are running… If it’s a passive / defensive tank (e.g. Guinevere or Kunchen) than GM is better as he deals damage… If it’s an offensive tank (e.g. Yunan or Ursena) then BK is probably better as his special will protect the tank from enemy snipers & will buff the attack of all allies.

If it’s the wing position it’s GM without a doubt… More speed is needed in the wings than any other position on a defensive line up…


:+1: for @Guvnor’s post


Having Ursena at tank and emblemed on the DEF route, what would you think of this revamp of my current defense team?

Athena +9 (ATK Route)
Black Knight +11 (strip all emblems from GM, DEF Route)
Ursena +10 (reset to ATK Route)
Kingston +9 (ATK Route)
Joon +9 (ATK Route)

Would that be more fearsome then my current setup with GM?

I would leave Athena in the bench and field: Kingston - Ariel - Black Knight - Ursena - Joon


Unless you have Zeline, BK as a tank will not yield more cups compared with Ursena or Kunchen and Guin. I’ve tested it for weeks.

Because people can blast tiles at BK.

Instead, BK is more powerful at offense. So you should be asking how to pair with him offensively rather than defense.

I dont agree with this I used bk, grave, and guin, and bk gets attacked and wins more than the other 3 keeping me in diamond. I get attacked but much higher teams when guin or grave are in so I guess it’s just subjective to who you can flank him with.

Not much is scarier than BK tank and Ursena flank… If that gets going it’s curtains.

An awesome healer and mana gen. buffer like Ariel keeping BK alive and firing sounds like a combo from hell to me.

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BK is a tile dump, I find him very easy to defeat. I would say GM by a lot. If you want to throw BK out there I am 100% behind you though.

I forgot to mention the flanks and corner heroes also matter. Basically, Zeline on the right side of BK will make the defense team much better. Otherwise, Kunchen and Ursena will avg slightly more cups on defense.

The best place for Black Knight on defense is tank IMO.

You could run this as your defense:
Kingston | Athena | Black Knight | Ursena | Joon

You could also try it with Ariel instead of Athena – only reason I put Athena is because defense down + attack buff is not fun to go up against (particularly when it can be followed by an Ursena special attack).

I prefer BK tanks when attacking; dump my tiles into him until I’m ready to unload my snipers and take him out. BK on flank is where I find him scary.

edit: her? Can’t tell under all that armor…

He - watch the month python sketch he’s based on and you’ll see :slight_smile:

Dunno, Cleese played a lot of female characters…

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