Need Help - Soul Exchange Black Knight

Firstly who’s better Black Knight or Krampus?

Secondly would a better defence team be Krampus-Frigg-Prof L-Ferant-Moreau or BK-Frigg-Prof L-Sobek-Moreau. I can LB and max emble BK.

I also have Kara as a taunter.

I was also thinking of Ariel but there’s not many times i use a Healer and although he’s not the best i have Aegir as a Blue healer

I have Ariel. I stripped get emblems a while back. Her mana up never felt good enough… Manning average heroes into fast, yes, but not fast players into very fast. And it still felt like i had to get 9 tiles more often than not…

I’d generally think of Krampus as more useful on defence, BK on offence, although I do use BK on defence because I don’t have the other one. His older stats mean he is more vulnerable than Krampus before his special kicks in. He still keeps me in low diamond, mind you, not even limit broken (which I must give some thought to).

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I was so tempted for BK i just love that hero. But went with MN as i have wanted a res hero for ages.

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