Black knight toughness as tank

Hey all,

I’m considering dropping telluria as my tank and going with BK … currently GM has the +18 emblems but I’m also considering bringing this over to BK …

Anyone think this is a good idea?


BK a good tank, very though. The only problem is easy to counter with a debuff, especially a 4* blue Sonya will do. I don’t know about others, for me BK tank or flank isn’t a problem, I love to bring my recently buffed Hatter against him.

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I’m of the opinion that it would be absolutely crazy to remove Gravemaker’s emblems.


I personally love seeing Black Knight on defense. At flank, one less hitter is absolutely fantastic. As tank, dealing with him is very similar to Kunchen and Aegir – bring a cleanser and/or dispeller(s), dump tiles at the tank trying to set up a good board and hoping to not charge the flanks too much, then execute your game plan. People didn’t know how to fight against him day one, but they’ve learned how to deal with him since then.

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When BK was released he was a monster tank (and flank). Even if you did have a dispeller ready like Evelyn, Panther or Sonya, it only hits him and does not affect the heroes around him - thus preserving the attack buff he gives to them. Moreover because the hit happens first before the dispel, he is still able to proc his ‘Flesh Wound’ buff one last time. The only exception is Kage of course.
However, since then Malosi has been released and basically nullifies his entire special. As Malosi charges at very fast speed (likely 6 tiles with a 11+ mana troop) in the majority of cases, he will be able to get his special off in time and completely nullifying him. As a result, although BK is still a good tank, he is no longer considered a top tier tank.


Malosi is the reason why war defense don’t use BK.

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I would only focus on which hero you are using and value more on offense.

I would personally not rework my defense that’s holding in diamond just fine at the cost of emblemming a hero which I wouldn’t use outside of my defense instead of a hero I use all the time. Defense is passive part of the game. Offense is actually where you get to see and enjoy the hero.


I love my knight as my tank. He’s a beast.


You could say that with many many tanks.

You need two dispellers to counter Black Knight. That or a dispeller + attack dropper(s) IMO.

Taunt protects his teammates from being dispelled too. And I’d say that the berserk attack buff is the most dangerous part of him, which you definitely want to get rid of. I can’t count how many times I’ve felt like I was winning only to have a Drake behind him kill 3 of my heroes in an instant :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should still run Telluria as tank.

Black Knight can make a very good flank to Telluria as well. However, I don’t think you’ll see either an increase or drop in trophies defending either. Both are debatably tied as the best flanks for her IMO, some players will say Grave is better but I think BK can be very dangerous too due to that nutty attack buff to all allies + taunt essentially forcing at least one dispeller.

BK is tougher than GM flanking Telluria in my opinion. I’m cleansing Telluria’s mana ailment anyways with GM’s burn, but I need a dispeller for BK.


This defence keeps me around 2700 cups constantly:

Don‘t know if Gravey would do better.

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Kageburado is even better: dispels before he hits and he hits hard if BK is over 50% HP. Seriously, with Kage BK became just roadkill for me.

I have neither but faced both as tanks and I find it easier to deal with BK than Telly still. The reason being that there are just so many good blue heroes to use against him while you are more limited with red since so many are either too slow, suited for support only, or are AoE heroes that don’t hit hard enough to more easily take Telly out.

I’d only use BK if I didn’t have any better Tank.

I bring only 1 against him, and that seems enough for me the atk buff wasn’t really a problem.

cKiril + Sonya works wonderfully here. Sonya gets rid of the taunt, then cKiril completely flips his special and gives a defense debuff on top. My go to team vs red tanks is cKiril-Sonya-Jackal-Malosi-Lepus.

(note I’m raiding around 2200 cups, so heavily emblemed 4* sometimes with costume bonus work just fine in offense up to around 4300-4400 TP)

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Thanks for all the info everyone! Will hold the switch for now!

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