Black Knight or Gravemaker (2)

I have been debating this option for quite some time, so I figured I would start my first topic to get some much needed help!
I was one of the unlucky few who did not have Gravemaker until recently. That being said, my current main defense team contains Black Knight (left wing to Telly). Do I move emblems to Grave & replace Black Knight? BK is currently +19 emblems, just 16 shy of +20.

In my opinion bk is harder to face and potentially in pve he offers more than gm.
There are now quite a few heroes that can counter GM once he casts (cleansers, lady loki, myztero) as well as grazul and malosi who can block him. Bk has malosi and dispelled and there are not many (any?) Dispellers in red. So I think him at tel flank is more effective than gm. At least for my lady loki grazul noor c rig and proteus team.

Note - I dont have either hero

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If you upgrade gm you won’t regret it, but just keep in mind that tons of new heroes who counter him are coming out, some in the October event and some in the ninja event, which can be found in beta beat!

Not everyone will always have counters and I like my gm a lot, but black knight is pretty cool.

If it were me, I’d leave black knight as left flank to Telly. With those 2 tanks in the middle the rest of your team can be all about damage. It will really depend on what else you’re working with though.

If you feel like you have enough damage keep as it is, feel like you need a little more, swap.

GM first. It does well in every position while BK can’t.

If you didn’t have emblems on either one I’d say load up GM first, but since you have taken BK to +19 already, I’d leave the emblems there and simply give any new ones to GM. If you do decide to reset and put them on GM, the good news is that BK is still very usable without emblems. More so than GM, IMO. Full disclosure, I have both heroes maxed. GM +16 and BK +0. My GM is currently left flank for war/raid defense. I currently use BK strictly on offense.

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I have bk with 19 too. Love bk. Would keep them on him and get him to 20 first.

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I hate BK more than GM and that’s saying something since almost every raid I fight is a GTV front. GM can get you but BK is infuriating. You have to kill him. I’d target him before GM even as my GM plan tends to involve him firing once. Hit. Cleanse. Hit.

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BK is superior imo, and peoplr are starting to realise that. In a couple of months GTV trio will be seen less and less.

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I actually agree with this. I think its all the counters that are becoming available to ailments/DOTs

Thank you all for the great advice, much appreciated!!

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For what it’s worth I had the same dilemma - GM 2 vs BK. The honest answer it depends on your needs i.e. war teams, titans etc. For me, although BK is insanely powerful, based on my war teams, I felt that GM would be a better improvement hence I ascended a 2nd one.

From a defensive stand point, it’s the extra damage to green heroes that keep GM in play over BK.

The premier defense is a tank that absorbs damage, and firepower surrounding that tank!

You can adjust attacks for various defenses. Reflects yellow- don’t take yellow, or do Malosi.
Has minions- plenty of answers for that now…
Has BK tank- take dispel and stack a few high attack blues of which there are plenty to choose.

If you take green against a stat boosted GM. Watch what happens when your green gets hit! If they survive Ashes to Ashes…then they’re still easy pickings for slash attacks. Making attack squads scary for an entire element is not something BK brings to the table.

An average speed BK flank in defense is really good
But a very fast GM is better…

Like I said, you can counter and adjust for defenses but…raw damage…there’s no counter for that.
You either get lucky or take a beating.

From an offensive stand point… speed and damage shine bright when your behind the stat curve.

Because of the almighty GM, I predict the next super creep tank will be blue. You may not want to miss that train when it pulls out of the station sometime next year.

Well u were proven right!! Krampus is gonna be the new Tank over Telly for the insanely lucky people that get him!! Especially if u use BK/Krampus & offset their firing speeds so they don’t fire at the same time… Keeping Taunt going after they cleanse the 1st firing would be nice!! Not to mention all the added D Krampus gets when he fires, plus the extra D can’t be dispelled! :+1:

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