Emblems for which barbarian hero?

I have Black Knight (BK), Gravemaker (GM), and Kageburado. I usually don’t use GM because he is still low-level. My offense and defense are BK, Kage, Ariel, Alberich, and Joon. I am wondering who to put my barbarian emblems on. Also, Kage is very good since he debuffs before attacking and devasted my BK team in a raid last night. But I am wondering if I should promote Zeline in place of Alberich and Ursena in place of Kage. Any help would be appreciated.

Gravemaker for the win…one of the best in the game. That is, unless you’re tanking BK. Then maybe you emblem him up.


The only hero you mentioned that would be worthy of a tank position is BK, so I would emblem him down the defense path to make him survive longer.

I have mixed opinions on Zeline. She was great at one point, but she’s an old HotM who has lost her lustre IMO. Alby may be be old too, but he has better specials than Zeline and is more useful overall.

I don’t have Kage or Ursena so I’m sure someone else will have some ideas about them.

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Gravemaker even if he is still not maxxed yet, because we can wait.


Barbarian emblems on GM.
You also might want to move away from using a rainbow offense team.


Just mentioning on your main team… you have 2 healers and a support hero. That is too much support and not enough firepower. Also, BK should always be tank (sometimes flank) and Alby should never be tank (put him on left wing). Even though Ariel is amazing due to average speed heal plus mana boost and cleanse, i like Alby because when he revives successfuly it’s incredibly frustrating. Also, Zeline is made for flanking red tanks!!! Use her! If i were you, I’d do something like this (with joon potentially being replaceable with other hitters you may have):

Alby - Kage - BK - Zeline - Joon


These are problems I wish I had… lol! Kage and gravy are great heroes but black night can be a monster on defense.

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Kage has been a game changer for me on offense. Defense has done well and I know he’s a menace at very fast. He IS frustrating when hitting enemies with HP below 50% but still hits hard and can finish.

GM is a solid hero. I don’t have him, but he is less annoying to me than BK.

BK is good at flank but probably better at tank since you want him to fire fast. Most annoying of the three, but mostly for defense. I don’t have him either so can’t speak to offense.

If you want more pure offense it’s Kage.

If you want more pure defense it’s BK.

If you want good offensive and defensive support…that burns, it’s GM.

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Unless your alliance is running red tanks:
BK skill doesn’t really need emblems.
While GM will use those emblems to great effect
On offense
And defense


Yes BK is the tank…the arrangement from left to right is Alby, Ariel, BK, Kage, Joon…Planning to replace Alby with Zeline and make her on the side of tank with Joon and Kage in the corners.

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