Gravedigger (Gravemaker) on steroids? – Why is the amount of Burn Damage different in battle than what the card says?

Please helpt me to understand. Gravedigger is supposed to do 318 damage in two turns with his special attack. Just now he was in my opponents team and he delivered 266 per single turn. How does that happen? I always thought that fire and poison damage are what they are. No costume btw.

This is the Gravedigger in question;

Edit: just did a rematch and this is what happens in the game (also note that it went to 233 per turn now). It says extra damage against nature, but not only is Kiril not nature, there’s even no green in my team at all

Damage Over Time (DoT) scales with the base Attack stat, which is affected by:

  • Talent Grid Upgrades
  • Troops
  • The unlisted 20% Attack bonus that Defense Teams get

You can read more about that here: Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)


Wow, I’ve been playing for one and a half years now and I never knew this. This answers more than one question even. It’s more than a little confusing btw, with the absolute number on the card.

Didn’t know about the 20% bonus attack either, but that also explains certain doubts that I had. Thank you very much for the clarification Zephyr! I’ll be reading that link too.


It’s an incredibly common question and point of confusion, so no worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

I suggested a change to how DoT effects were explained on cards around a year ago, but it went nowhere. I agree that it’s very confusing that they list absolute numbers but actually are clearly percentage based in practice.

This comes up often on the other end of the spectrum too, when people are confused why the DoT amounts on an unmaxed hero aren’t the full amounts, and also don’t increase when the Special Skill does — but do increase as the Attack stat increases while leveling the hero.

FYI, there’s also an unlisted 20% bonus to the Defense stat as well — both of those were determined based on observed damage amounts and reverse engineering of the Damage Calculation formula, as well as observations about DoT amounts. But HP is unaffected.

Linking this too for cross-reference: Have we ever figured out how stat boosts are calculated when defending?


Yes, this is what I meant when I said you answered more than one question :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again, also for the second link :+1:


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