Gravemaker's numbers

I’m not too familiar with the game’s algorithms and percentages…but…does a 2% difference in a troop’s attack for GM really bumps his burn up 42 points?..if so…that’s crazy…if not…then something is definitely wrong…

Yes, DoT depends on the base attack stat. :slight_smile:
So emblems and troops increase burn / water / poison / sand and any other damage over time. :slight_smile:


Here is a link that adds some help.

But there is something else at play here. One of these Gravemakers appears to be on defense while the other on offense. I can tell which one by looking at the elemental links in the images. Defense gets an additional 20% boost over offense. In this case, you can backcalculate the base stat and get the following:

  • 508/1.26/1.20 = 336
  • 424/1.24 = 342

Now you have a difference of 6 in the base stat which is reasonable. I believe you are seeing the 20% defense bonus.


Both GM’s were both maxed with basically the same emblem path…I also just played another GM maxed and enblemed with a 19 troop and his burn was stronger also …his 241 burn to my 212…

It’s not adding up…I know critical damage is doubled when you have a crit troop…but his attack is at 19% while my mana troop is at 24% and his burn is still stronger…this makes no sense

Oh, that difference is because defending heroes get an automatic 20% stat boost. So their GM has 20% more attack „under the hood“. You don’t see it when you click on him but it’s their by default. :slight_smile:

And you’re comparing your GM on offense vs their GM on defense. That’s where the difference comes from. :slight_smile:

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Wait…you mean to tell me all the years I’ve been playing this game…that DEFENCE teams get an extra 20% boost on attack???

Yep. 20 yep yep yeps!


Yup, all defending heroes get an under the hood 20% attack and defense boost, not health though.

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Didn’t I say that in post 3? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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