Clarification on Guardian Falcon + Gravemaker

Help a player out:

When I fire off Guardian Jackal, he applies a buff that amplifies the damage of a yellow special, for example: Joon. It’s a clean 1-2 punch.

My question:

Does Falcon apply the same sort of buff to Gravemaker’s initial hit from his special? Moreover, does Falcon apply a buff to Gravemaker’s DoT damage? Same deal with Azlar.

Same deal with Panther + Sartana’s dot.

Same deal with Frida + Rumplestiltskin’s dot.

Very curious if these sorts of damage amplifiers get applied to damage over time.

Thanks all!

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For my knowledge… it should not.
DoT is a fixed amount eventually connected with troops and attack stat, so everything linked with the hero that “apply” it.

Since elemental debuff is an “external” condition, it should not affect DoT in any way.

Same as buffs doesn’t affect DoT.


I think Falcon’s debuff will increase GM’s damage from the initial hit, but it won’t affect the DoT.


Guardian Falcon followed by Marjanna may be akin to the 1-2 punch combo you were looking for. It does not appear the same with Falcon and Gravymaker since GM is not a hero that deals massive damage to a single target like what most snipers do.


Thanks mate, and thanks @Elpis - I had a suspicion, but it’s crucial to know for sure.

My maxed reds don’t make great stacks:

Gravemaker - the king I always bring
Azlar - good for wars and fast-action tournaments, but otherwise ‘conflicts’ with Gravemaker’s dot
Boldtusk - heal and buff are fantastic, but he’s flimsy without emblems (need em for Magni/Delilah)
Wilbur - good for titans, but not so good for pvp because the enemy-shared-damage works against me
Sumitomo - middling 4 star, flimsy, not a team player
Lancelot - weak 4 star, flimsy, his mana buff only works when I fire off red tiles, which usually aren’t available right after I proc his special, so I just can’t find a groove with Lance’s tech… I want to love the hero, but his passive mana increase relies on tiles (I wish it were more like Alberich’s)

Anyway… My ideal red stack would be 3:2 Gravemaker + Zim + Grazul (I don’t have Zim though)

My available red stack is: Gravemaker + Azlar + Boldtusk (just have to hold off on firing GM and Azlar at the same time occasionally) OR Gravemaker + Falcon + Boldtusk (Falcon still buffs tile hits, but doesn’t help GM much since his damage is primarily dot-damage)

I’m yakking.

If anybody’s reading this thread - who would you run in a 3-stack given my heroes?


I would say Wilbur-Falcon-Azlar, if all are maxed. Mana troop on Azlar if you have one.

My current combo is Wilbur-Falcon-Anzogh. Works surprisingly well

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Since Falcon is an average mana hero, a fast sniper stack is not as effective as a Jackal-Joon or Panther-Thoth, as you may charge Marjana before him and had to wait before shot.

In that case, maybe Kestrel is a better choice, as you may wait for opponent to fill more mana (and do more damage) and hit 3 instead of one and take all the benefits from elemental defence down.
Otherwise even a Kong could do the work pretty good.

In your deck, i probably go with whatever i have talented + Boldtusk, as a safe net is always good in a 3x stack.

+1 :point_up:

I got your exact same team. When going mono-red I try to fire Wilbur then Boldtusk and then Azlar, very few can survive that combo.
For a 3-stack I usually take GM + BT + Falcon.

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