Have we ever figured out how stat boosts are calculated when defending?

I have searched and searched but only come across old vague references to a “20%” boost when defending. That’s obviously not the case. Do we have better information now? Has anyone looked into it? Apologies if it’s been solved, I’ve searched. If so, please point me in the right direction. TYIA

It absolutely is the case. There’s a 20% attack and 20% defense buff that is not visible, but can be observed in damage done, damage taken, and in the value of defender DOTs.

See, for instance:


Pix from before raid initiated and before any moves made. Where do the stat increases come from? Troops?

And is there then an additional 20% atk/def boost that’s entirely invisible?


The additional stats that you can see do indeed come from troops. It would be super nice if the cards when you were planning your team and troops would show the troop bonus rolled in, right?


  • 746 = 633*1.18, then truncated
  • 772= 690*1.12, then truncated

So I’m guessing you have a level 4 or 5 mana troop on Gadeirus.

Correct. I have a theory about why they don’t make it explicit, but for whatever reason it is (mostly) invisible. If you look at Colen’s card, then at his stats, then at the DOT value reported in game, you’ll see that it’s 20% too high for even the troop-adjusted value.

As a side-note, since HOTs are not linked to a stat, they get no boost on defense.


I agree with that, it would be a good feature request. Or better yet show the troop bonuses in a small +number above the stat. That way you can look at the base values (taking emblems into account) and the value troops add.


20% attack and defense bonus is not visible, even the stat shown mid-battle do not indicate this, only the damage did.

Were @Staff_SGG ever confirm the 20% attack and defense bonus for defending hero?

Imo, they should make it clear in-game that defending hero have that bonus. Otherwise other theory like this will also arise:
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Intentionally reviving old thread @moderators

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