Gravemaker Special skill

Can anyone explain to me why the opponents Gravemaker causes significantly more damage after their special skill? The first two photos will be the opponent and their troops vs the final two photos being my team.

Failed to mention, incase it is not seen, I am higher in strength, troops, and increased skills. My current level for Gravemaker is 9.

Heroes on defense get a base 20% damage bonus across the board to counter all the advantages the attacker has


To expand on @NPNKY:

DoT is based on a heroes attack stat. Things that will affect this:

  • Base Card Stat (so hero level)
  • Emblems
  • Troops

On top of that, as NPNKY said, the defence team gets a bonus 20% attack to compensate for being at something of a disadvantage due to being controlled by a dumb AI…

Read more here:


Thank y’all kindly, this explained quite a bit


Closed as asked & answered.

I plan on making a master thread regarding this topic in the next day or two.

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