Morgan Le Fey special question

Hello everyone! Was wondering if anyone knows if Morgan’s special is effected by nature Def down? Would it do more DoT if the enemy was effected by Evelyns special?

No, the dmg is done independently of any attack or defense modifiers.


which is not correct. The damage over time (DoT) is strongly related to attack modifier. Hence a higher attack score means more damage / self healing. This is one reason for so many threads regarding a special is 8/8 for unleveled heroes but the related special damage is not as high as shown in the advertisement.

But the question was whether Evelyn has any influence. Unfortunately not. All DoT effects avoid the defense score. Hence the reduced defence by Evelyn has no further effect on Morgan. But regardless of the special, the usual tile damage of Morgan is affected by the defense reduction green.


@MacKenzie thank you very much for the clarification! So using Morgan in conjunction with Evelyn wouldn’t give me any added bonus as the skills don’t really synergies.

It was a very good explanation.

The correlation with attack stat means troops and emblems boost the DoT as well

you are welcome. Using a green stack prioritize the tile damage, hence Morgan can be used together with Eve. The special itself can help you to destroy a slow hero over time or a hero with strong defense/active riposte effect. So Morgan can be pushed to 80 and might be used together with Evelyn.

You have to be very careful here. Attack modifiers, such as buffs and debuffs, have no effect on DOTs. Only static changes to attack, like stat increases, emblems and the troop bonuses, affect DOT damage. And the damage is irrespective of defense, modified or unmodified.


I don’t think that’s true. When Gravemaker hits my team he gives wildly different damage per turn to each hit team member. So defense must effect it, right?

yes. Never gave any attention to that. Just using Morgan ;). But thanks for clarification.

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maybe more damage against nature?

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Are you talking about his DOT giving different numbers or simply his initial hit? His initial strike is effected by defense, his DOT shouldn’t be. (also the nature part which Mac mentioned)

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one additional source of DoT damage might be the bleeding damage from Grave to individual opponents.

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Yes, his DOT. It eats for different values.

I’ll keep a more attentive eye on it, but that’s not something I’ve experienced to the best of my knowledge, outside of when one is a nature hero.

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