Who is a better green tank? Gadeirus or Kashhrek?

Hi, all. First of all, if you are a Raptors fan, congratulations! Go Raptors!

Ok, now to my question. In tournaments, sometimes the rule is that you cannot use a certain color. Then you would use a hero of an opposite color as tank to take advantage of it. I figured that eventually we will have a tournament where you cannot use red heroes; that would mean I will use a green hero as tank.

Right now I have both Gadeirus and Kashhrek at 3/60. Who would make a better tank and deserve the sturdy shields? Please note that this is for tournament only. I use Vivica as a tank for regular raids and wars.

Thank you very much!

I like Gadeirus a bit more because it deals damage and boosts attack along with healing. Kash can be a royal PIA though with the amount he heals.

Gadeirus would be good at Very Fast, I think, and/or Red color is forbidden.

Kash is not a good tank in tournament, I think.

Thank you! Yea, both are decent heroes with unique specials. That is why I am having a hard time choosing between them lol

I agree, in tournaments where everyone becomes very fast, Gadeirus would be great. But about just with their normal speed?

In a tournament at normal speed with red excluded, I think Kash would be the better bet (*if shields are not an issue for you). It’s hard enough to get past him with 2-3 red sometimes, I think he’ll be much tougher without red in the mix and his immediate heal should give him more durability. That said, I’d rather give my shields to Gadeirus first as he seems more useful overall.

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Thank you! 20 green tanks

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Kashrekk a better tank, but Gadeirus useful everywhere. Do Gadeirus.

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Gadeirus is so awful bro!
he hits like a wet noodle
his healing and attack up is ok but at slow speed and afecting only closest heroes is a MEH

Do average costume kash

Er, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but some of these threads you’re replying to are awfully old. Your advice is good but kind of wasted, unfortunately. I suggest you check the date of the last previous post before spending time on answering. (Easier said than done sometimes!)

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