Pick a Green: Gadeirus, Gobbler or Kashhrek?

hey all, can you help me prioritize: what should be the order in which I work on these heroes? My usual style is working on one hero per color at a time.

Among Greens, currently I have:

  • Margaret maxed +1
  • Gregorion 3/41 (will bring to 3/70 while waiting for mats; and yes, I got him AFTER I had used tonics on Margaret :slight_smile: )
  • Jack O’Hare maxed +7
  • Skittleskull maxed +3

not really the best Green team I know, but you play with what you get…

Currently have 8 shields and 2 tonics, so am comfortable in using up all the shields while waiting for 4 more tonics. Will definitely earn 4 more shields before I earn 4 more tonics for Greg!

Priorities: Green stacking in challenge events, raid/war offense, Titans, raid tournaments. For Blue Titans I currently use Brienne +6, Margaret, Jack, Skittles (will be replaced by Greg when Greg is maxed), and Grimm 3/70, though I don’t think any of these 3 would be useful there…

Not really thinking of Raid/war defense, I know Kashhrek would be decent there but I already have Kiril, Gormek and Li Xiu as serviceable tanks. However, Raid TOURNAMENT defense could be a consideration, as there may be situations where a Green tank is useful (Kashhrek, if no Reds are allowed?)

If I pull another Green (hoping for Caedmon, Melendor or LJ!), I will of course revisit. But for now, assuming I won’t get any new Greens as I don’t plan to spend any money :slight_smile: I do have two TC20s, but have had poor luck so far.

How would you order these 3 in terms of priority for ascending?

thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


I’ve had three of them plus Caedmon at +8 and Melendor at +3.
I find Gadeirus as the most useful among the three. A mini version of Ares.
Poor Kashhrek used to be a good tank. Too good he only attack the opponents once in a blue moon! Quite hard to deal with for a beginner but we had since overgrown him.
Gobbler? With such a low defense, SG should at least buff him to fast mana so that he stand a chance to gobble all those minions of Delillah and the Santa team.
While Gadeirus and Kashhrek had been going to war on countless time, Gobbler stuck at 3 60 collecting dust.


Gadeirus has various uses, my favourite is to team him with Horghall and/or LJ (skittleskull would also work). He charges with them and then buffs the attack.

Kasshrek only really good now in 4* tournaments if you have a better tank already.

Gobbler is a chocolate teapot.


thanks @AliceCooper, @JonahTheBard! As I suspected, Gadeirus would be the most versatile (and yeah, would charge mana at the same time as Skittles, giving an extra strong hit of Skittles’ special).

So I think:

Gadeirus > Kash > Gobbler would be the best order.


Gaderius - Kash - Derik - Aife - Gobbler :slight_smile:


Gadeirus then Kashrek. Gobbler’s not worth the mats in my opinion


thanks both :slight_smile: glad everyone has the same opinion, easy choice!

I just pulled Gad last AR, leveled him up to 4/40 and he’s more useful than Kash. Although with field aid in AW and Kash flanking or even in a wing, he can still be a PITA to deal with if the board doesn’t go your way. But that’s all Kash is, a meat shield. Gad is much more versatile. Good choice and Good Luck!!

(Actually somehow ended up with 3 Gad’s last AR, guess I broke the “nope you ain’t getting him seal? Hope that happens with Wilbur and/or Proteus soon. Although Wilbur more-so since I almost gave Hel maxed)


thanks PapaHeavy!

and good luck with Wilbur! I’ve been trying for him in vain too… but I’m happy I got two of Proteus - and the first Proty was my second ever 4*, so I’ve been quite blessed with my Purples at least :slight_smile:

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That’s pretty sweet @sleepyhead!! May RNGesus continue to smile upon you. Happy Farming!!

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thanks @PapaHeavy, and best of luck to you too re Wilbur and Proteus! But at least you have Hel, that’s a pretty good alternative :slight_smile:

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Gadeirus. He’s useful on titans with his ATT boost and heal.

Gobbler is arguably one of the worst 4*.


Nah, in order to get both, you may need to sacrifice a goat. Just like Rumpel back in the Grimforest, It took me another chicken from the grocery store to finally pull Proteus…lol.
Btw, I hate Gobbler so much I feed a 2 60 and another raw Gobbler to Lianna 2 months back.


Kash is a GREAT tank for lower level teams…We now have more minion throwers so Gobbler might be looking up?? I have NOT used him to know


@Rohn, although Kash is still king for AW with Field aid though :joy:

Edit: Should be called “Field AIDS” because no one ever wants it.


Problem was Gobbler easily run out of breath on 100m run. And the likes of Delilah, Santa, MN and Red Hood barely run a few steps.
Unless Gobbler is either buff to fast mana, his defence up to at least 550 or health to over 13xx, I doubt he will ever featured in diamond on regular basis.
Then again, frogs are not suppose to compete against the tigers and bears…lol.


Gadeirus. I use him a lot more often than I thought I would.


I highly recommend Gaderius. He is a good hero for stacking especially with jack o hare.


recently started taking him to titans and broke my max titan hit record, which was previously set with elemental debuff. this time greens were Caedmon, Mel and Gad - no elemental debuff. highly recommend.


You know what? I was faced with the exact same dilemma not long ago!

I had Gadeirus, Kashhrek and Gobbler all at 3/60. Gobbler was the obvious choice NOT to ascend, so he was out of the equation pretty fast. I now only use him to farm in season one. His special can one-shot all lower level monsters, which makes him a quite efficient farmer.

But the choice between Gadeirus and Kashhrek was a hard one. I tested them both extensively in battle and consulted with my alliance members a lot. In the end, I decided to prioritize Gadeirus. The reason is simple: Kashhrek might be a better tank; but Gadeirus is a better hero overall. He is more useful in a lot more places.


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