Gadeirus, Kashhrek or

I will also opted for KASHREK. Eventually you will get 5* level and them up. From my experience good 4* healers have a longer life span than 4* attackers. Kashrek has stood his place in very strong defense teams.

I won another glove on the titan today and need more guidance.

The new formation with Kiril as a tank helped a lot. Saved 88 trophies.

With Gadeirus and Gormek full ascended, I put the new glove on Sabina, Li Xiu or … ?

Maybe Kahsrekk?

@Arthemis with Kiril as tank and your read and green sorted I would go with Li Xui. Kashrek is an excellent option but I prefer balancing my colors. Normally he would be my first choice but in your setup Li Xui might be the better option to prioritize. A Mana controller is as valuable as a healer. Li Xui can be an extremely frustrating opponent when she fires when your heroes are about to attack… That is often the only advantage you need. Only reason for not opting for Sabina is that you already have a good healer in Kiril.

Difficult choice to make! Good luck. Fortunately you cannot make a mistake. They are all good heroes.

Regards from Cosmic Guardians.

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I won more gloves (i think my reward for being c2p is ascension items for heroes I don’t have most of the times or gloves), and now I’m thinking what is more lucrative, Sumitomo, Agwe, another Proteus, Hu Tao or wait for Atlantis and try to get a Wilbur or a Triton?

Atlantis Rises is coming soon. I’d wait to see what you get there. You might get a hero or two in colors where you’re unsure who to work on, and that could crystallize your thinking.

I made an entire post about “who do you struggle with” Kashrek was one of those. I also see the Li Xiu argument. She’s so annoying to play against that I will probably work on her after I finish Ranvir. To me you can’t go wrong with those two. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Kashrek from my TC 20, I totally get I should be wanting 5* but I’d absolutely love to have a Kashrek. Keep plugging along and you’ll get there.

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