G. Chameleon,Margaret or Horghall

As and f2p, I have these greens not maxed and have maths for one of them only for now. Which one to be the 1st and who must be next? And for what niches they are more useful? I have all vanilla greens maxed.

Place them all to 3/70 if you have an abundant supply of sturdy shields, play with them at those levels while still hoarding more tonics. If you favor one hero after playing them for quite some time at 3/70, ascend such hero when you have at least 12 tonics.

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Agree with @Ultra however I would hold tonics for lianna or you may pull MN or some other great 5* from S3.

None of them are ideal as your first green 5*.

There are many better green 4* that will be better than these three especially with emblems.

Buddy, Hansel, Almur, C caedmon, Brynhild, C kashrek, c Mel, Peters to name some I would lvl and use first.


What do you mean with all vanilla greens maxed? All TC 20 5* green?

Then I´d go for Chameleon, his buff is quite powerful.


Yes, I have all TC20 4 and 5*s green maxed. These 3 are on 3/70 and I have maths for only one of them. Their specials are to max, except Margaret, which is to 7. Horghall have it in my alt acc and he is not interesting much, although with some emblems can become useful. Also I’m tempted from the Chameleon, but have no idea where he can be really useful. Margaret’s dodging is also good sometimes. That’s why I wanted to read more opinions. Thanks.

Chameleon With hands down

you say you have all the vanilla Green 5*s maxed - so would this be a duplicate Horghall? Or is the other Horghall on another account?

I have no experience with Chameleon or with Horghall.

Margaret though was my first maxed Green 5* (I am FTP). She helped a lot on offense (this was before her buff), protecting my frailer heroes like Proteus and Melendor during Raids. She often dodges like crazy against enemy snipers.

I certainly agree that she is not the best first Green 5*, but she helped me quite a bit.


I would wait. on all unless you can pull the hogs costume for the bonus

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Guardian Chameleon is terrible. Although it does some nice buff, the buff only affects three heroes. One of the worst 5* in the game. A terrible choice as a first green 5*.

Horghall is slow, but has some utility, still not very good.

Margaret is pretty good, and very fast with very high tile damage. She’s especially good after her “rebalance” buff recently, and great against titans.

Beware of a lot of old, pre-buff, information out there about Margaret. She’s good, and easily the best of the three choices. If I were you I would go ahead and level her up, especially since you already have all the vanilla greens already (I presume that includes Lianna). You never know when you might get a better green 5* and in all likelihood you’ll have accumulated more ascension materials by then. If miraculously you pull Mother North for Christmas, great, and you’ll be able to level her up in a month or two.


I used much Margart before in the wars, even without her special maxed and on 3/70. He dodges very well sometimes and kept my heroes alive. Is she still ok with that? The special efects are too big for the titans.

Horghall is my other acc, have experience with him, but don’t find him useful much.

??? I think you are either mistaken or thinking of another hero. Not disagreeing with your advice, just this info.


Yes. He buffs all. Still wouldn’t waste mats on it.