Green hero to max?

Hello all, and thanks in advance…

As the title says, I have a bunch of green 5* heroes and was wondering who would be the best to give tonics to. I only have 5 for now…

I already have mother north and tarlak maxed and emblemed. On my roster are:

Telluria 3/70
Lianna 3/70
Margaret 3/70
Kadilen 2/60
Zocc 1/1
Horghall 1/1
MLF 1/1 (got this from HA10, really stoked about this)

Considerations: will be used for mono green squad agains titans, tournaments, events, wars (with almur and buddy).

Thoughts: initially leaning toward telly but since hes been nerfed several times… im not too sure anymore. Lianna fits into my sniper squad, and margaret is interesting esp with a manatroop11. Also considering MLF, heard that shes a beast with her DOT/HOT.

I’d go for Lianna if you want a hero for all situations.
She works both in offensive and defensive team.

If it were just for titans, Margaret would be an excellent option as she causes a high damage with the stones. But she’s useful just for that purpose.

Wait for Kadilen and Horghall until you get their costumes (I’d max C. Kadilen first).

I don’t find Telluria threatening anymore after her double nerf.

Zocc… I got him and he’ll have to wait for a long time until I max him.


You have 2 healers. I think the best choice would be Lianna (because sniper is always useful).
Margaret and Morgan also good chooses, but Margaret without Almur or Evelyn is a support and titan hero, and you already have titan hero (Tarlak). Morgan is good DoT, but I think Lianna is better.

Zocc is 5* Merlin, works on 3/70. Kadilen and Horghall - wait for costumes.
Telluria - I do not think than she is good anymore. And if you need green center, you can temporary use MN, and wait for Kadilen’s costume.


+1 as much as I still love Telly I think Lianna would be your best choice. Really good to have a fast sniper in all colors and she’s one of the best. Grats on your HA10 pull, wow.

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I’m still voting for Telluria. She’s still in about half the leaderboard defense teams. I use her & I like her. Who’s your tank? If you’ve already got a top-tier tank I suppose it won’t be so important, but if not, Telly’s still up there.

Lianna or Morgana would be my second pick. I consider Lianna to be proven quality. She’s straightforward, I’ve maxed her myself, and I know she’s good.

I don’t know much about Morgana’s performance. I think those who make tier lists are usually not overly impressed with her, but pretty often, players who max & use Morgana have tons of fun with her sometimes and find themselves attached. She shakes things up & makes combat more interesting. I’ve never seen her in action, but that’s what I gather from what I’ve heard. If you want something different, I don’t think Morgana will disappoint. She’s an exotic weapon favored by her select few.

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Lianna, you need a strong hitter to make up for the other 2 green heroes not hitting at all.



I use onatel as my def tank. She keeps me at 2400-2500 low diamond range which is actually fine with me. Thats one of the reasons i am hesitant abt telluria. I feel that if i dont use her as def tank then i wont get the most out of her. But if i do, then she could push me up to the 2500-2600++ range and that would pit me against mainly other telly tanks which i cant beat at a consistent rate. So the main use for my next green tank would likely be war depth and tournament/titans where i would go mono green.

Other notes on Telluria-- She’d be awesome in Very Fast tourneys, but you certainly don’t want to bring her to titan fights or trying to get top speed in challenge events. Her minions will slow you down significantly, and it’s not gonna be pretty

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