Fully emblem every 5* Hero?!

Hey guys,
it’s been quite a while since I last posted anything here but I sadly had a couple of very stressful month…
With all of those emblem offers and the year closing in I suspect a lot p2w players to finish embleming their first 5*s pretty soon. We are already seeing many +17 or higher teams out there in high diamond.
My actual question goes out to those players who soon have to decide - “do I go the full way or stop at nod xy?”
A little example, Kunchen’s bulk doesn’t benefit from knot 19 and 20 and he will only gain a very small heal and mana boost at the cost of 375 emblems. Would you still max him anyway or would you start a new project?
2. example: Grave will gain quite a lot bulk at his last two knots, so would you spend the remaining 375 emblems in his case to make him a truly awesome beast or also rather start a different barbarian?

I’m sure there are many many more heroes where you carefully have to think about this problematic. That’s why I think it’s very important to plan along.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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If the last few nodes aren’t beneficial enough to be worth the cost then yea i would start someone else. I see that as the case for any rarity though. Even 4* i see some where the last 2 or 3 nodes is pointless. Especially mana nodes


I spread my emblems for war depth and also have a couple of each class, so it will probably last forever, until all my legends will have maxed talents.

Focus on your tank, def and key heroes and leave those behind, which you use seldom.


There is few perspectives to consider

  • bragging rights as it looks cool having everything maxed
  • mana boost is beneficial especially if you stack colours, that allows you to use you lower mana troop on +20 amblem Kunchen and still get the same benefit.( If you use those )
  • Similarly, +5% mana from amblems + 5% from costumes, plus 5+ on elemental link, +24% on special skill, all that adds up, and it’s far from not benefitial.
  • it’s a game, people should do what makes them happy.
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Gravemaker will certainly be the first 5* hero that I bring to node 20.

He’s sitting at node 16 right now. He’s the best hero in the game, and the primary recipient of these barbarian emblems, and yeah, I want bragging rights. Maybe the 375 emblems would do better on Azlar, since I bring him to war each week, but I don’t care. The gravy train don’t stop.

There aren’t any other heroes that I’ll bring to node 20 until I’m flush with emblems.


That’s the same for me with Kunchen! :wink: He deserves all his emblems!

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I was spreading my emblems thinking that I would use Tournaments as a vehicle to power my emblem gain. Thus propelling emblems for my 5* later on.

Due to an unexpected effect of emblems causing my tournament enemies to be more powerful… I have recently redefined emblems:

Emblems define the heroes you have chosen to be your cutting edge.

By splitting, you dull your most prized weapons!

This isn’t mine btw. Just a shot of someone who is proving your thesis correct…

I currently have my emblems spread a bit, but certain heroes I take as far down as it makes sense to, esp utility 4*s. I don’t bother with the last 1 or 2 nodes like crit or mana for the most part, I think Average speed heroess are the only ones who benefit from the mana node anyway.

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Proteus is my only 4* who’s currently all the way to 20, not sure who my 1st 5 that I’m gonna take all the way down will be.

Once I don’t have any more nodes that boost the thing I primarily want, I stop. Although I haven’t faced this with a 5* yet, it has meant I stopped Boldtusk, Grimm, Scarlett, Jackal, Wu Kong, and Wilbur at +18, and Proteus and Kiril at +17.

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Similar thread I created:


Defenses at 18 nodes are probably sufficient. You’d have to ask yourself if 250 emblems would improve kluncheon more then say throwing 4 nodes on an Ariel, 7-8 on a Hanzel etc. Too each their own but I’m guessing most will flip over to different heroes and come back when it makes sense. With all these Xmas offers of emblems I have noticed the average TP of war defenses have increased ( atleast top 100). I’m thinking if you bring your secondary 5* heroes up too the 7th node that’ll be sufficient at giving you a shot in wars at taking down 18-20 tiered defenses ( you do get to color stack).

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