5* Hero Emblems - How far do you go?

5-Star Emblems - how far is too far?

Borne out of the fact that I got my first 5* up to +15 the other day. Then when I stripped my 2* heroes I ended up with enough emblems to pretty well go another 2 nodes…

What do you mean “Too Far”?
What I mean is how far down do you go?

At what point do people think that the cost of resources outweighs the benefit that you get from the emblems?

What are your thoughts as to a “cut-off point” to start embleming the next 5*?

My example
The hero in question for me is Morgan Le Fay (Sorcerer class).

The next two emblem nodes (to go to +17) will cost (food & iron respectively):

  • 897k & 713k for node 16
  • 915k & 756k for node 17

At present I don’t really have another 5* sorcerer ready. I have Lady Locke but she’s at 3/70 presently.
If it’s time to stop, I figure I’ll give a couple nodes to a couple worthy 3* heroes and then see where we go.


So what do you think? Keep going? Or stop?

  • Depends on the class!!
  • < 15 nodes
  • 15 nodes
  • 16 nodes
  • 17 nodes
  • 18 nodes
  • 19 nodes
  • 20 nodes (GO ALLLLLLL THE WAY!!!)

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For my offensive workhorses I would judge individually if the last level or two are really worth it, especially If I have another great hero of the same class waiting. Defensive lineup heroes are another matter entirely. I would consider going all the way just to show off and induce a profound fear to my mortal enemies xD


I tell my alliance members to go for the “Soft Cap”.

The Soft Cap is the point to where you are getting diminishing returns from the emblems spent.

Example - Guin should stop at 17 if she is being used as a tank. Adding more doesn’t make her a better tank and the vast cost of those last 2 talents would better serve another wizard.

It really depends on the hero and the function they play. Many should be taken to 20. Others should stop between 15-18 until you don’t have other heroes to spend them on.


I don’t really consider the food/iron costs much here as much as the emblems. Food and Iron comes back soon enough.

It costs 395 emblems to get a 5 star to level 7.

It costs another 300 to get them to level 10 because there are two major nodes at 8 and 10.

It only costs another 430 to go from 10 all the way to 18.

So to me, if you’re going to stop you should probably stop at level 7. Unless the class isn’t helpful to your hero that much, in which case you could just stop at 6.

I don’t think it makes much sense to continue past 7 if you don’t plan to go all the way to 18 at least.

At 18 I think it’s more of a judgement call whether to continue on a case by case basis, imo.


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