First set of Emblemed heroes "complete", need help w next steps

Hi all,

I’ve advanced my first set of emblemed heroes to +18, where I thought I might stop and invest in new heroes, as it seems to me the last two slots have diminishing returns. Feel free to argue for going all the way to 20.

My main question is what to do next. Some options are

  • Get everyone to +20 before moving on
  • Saving to start embleming my 5* MVPs
  • Starting on a new set of 4*
  • Going crazy and doing some 3* for tournaments

I think I’ve ruled out the 3* route, so I’m just going to post my roster and see what you think I should do next:

Emblemed (+18)
Wu Kong

Unemblemed Maxed Heroes

Li Xiu
Hu Kong



Little John


Great job! I think that is a big accomplishment and I commend you for sticking to your four star heroes. I think at this point I’d favor the five star route. I didn’t look at every class, but I just don’t find the alternative super compelling. For example:

Barbarian: your choice appears to be Kageburado or Little John / Gormek. Great that you have Grimm set up, but now I think it’s time for Kage.

Basically, of the four star heroes you list without emblems, I just don’t see a ton of intriguing candidates. Like Li Xiu is your best Monk candidate? Cool - wait for Joon or similar.


Thanks Ivy, I’m thinking the same for the 5’s I have. I’m not going to get too many more 5’s, though, so I may go ahead and look at 4’s in classes not covered by my current crop of 5’s.

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I agree with @IvyTheTerrible; I’d pick out the five-stars that will make up your defense team - or your most used five-star heroes, or something - and start giving them emblems now.

Also, forgive me for going off-topic, but I noticed Atomos is among your maxed five-stars. He gets so much grief on here. Just wondering - for pure curiosity - how you feel about your decision to max him.

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Great plan. I have a little more time now, so I broke it down by class.

Barbarian: Grimm done
Options: Kage, Atomos, Little John, Gormek
I think it’s Kage hands down. One of the best heroes, wide range on offense, defense, and titans.

Cleric: Rigard done
Options: Agwe, Boril
I don’t love either and would consider waiting. If you want to proceed, I vastly favor Boril > Agwe for for various raid tournament configurations.

Druid: Caedmon done
Options: Gadeirus, Melendor
Both are very reasonable. Caedmon being an option for when you need a green dispel lessens Mel’s claim here. I’d go whichever you feel will be used more often when you need a green healer.

Fighter: Colen done
Options: Magni, Boldtusk, and maybe Hu Tao (you wrote Hu Kong, so I’m not sure - doesn’t matter though since the answer is NOT Hu Tao)
Magni is a very reasonable answer here, though I love BT. His special and talent are very well matched. If you are happy with Colen, great. But if not, I’d consider re-setting Colen, shifting those to BT, then doing Magni.

Monk: Wu Kong done
Options: Li Xiu
I’d wait, unless you feel strongly that all emblems need to be used and there is very little chance to get an upgrade here in the medium term future. Or go ahead with LX if you’re comfortable using a reset later.

Paladin: Richard at +7
Options: Justice, Cyprian, Sonya
I think what you’re doing is fine, unless you’re looking to shift your defense (like if you need a yellow tank, in which case I think Justice is a reasonable answer).

Ranger: Buddy done
Options: Chao, Tiburtus, Triton
Tiburtus and Triton are both reasonable. Looking at the rest of your roster I favor Tiburtus. For blue 3tacks you have Kiril, Grimm, Richard, and Magni - that’s plenty and I can’t think of spots where I’d bring even emblemed Triton over them. For purple 3tacks you have Kage, Proteus, Sartana, and Sabina / Rigard. Tiburtus rounds out that group very well so you have a full slate of options depending on what skill you need in that stack.

Rogue: Scarlett done
Options: Marjana, Danzaburo, Kelile
I’d just go ahead with Marjana here. She’s the strongest option and could be an option in a variety of offensive and defensive teams by dint of being a fast sniper.

Sorcerer: Sabina done
Options: none

Wizard: Proteus done
Options: Onatel, Kiril, Sartana
Some strong options here. I’d probably favor whoever you use the most. I note that holy seems to be your weakest element, so would take a very long look at Onatel. I use her extensively so I’ll also add that I think she’s incredibly successful as part of the minor stack in a 3/2, and even rolling solo in a 3/1/1. Her skill can dominate and take over an entire raid, all by herself, she’s durable, and her element link healing skill is actually pretty significant in terms of keeping her alive as a fight goes on.


After almost two years, Atomos is my only 5* green, so in that regard he has been fine. :slight_smile:

He’s so not great, though, that he inspired me to change up my Raid attack team, swapping Atomos and Rigard+18 for Buddy+18 and Kageburado (now +1). I highly recommend raiding without a healer, as it speeds up your results one way or another. :slight_smile:

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@IvyTheTerrible that was great feedback!

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Speaking of Grimm, did you go the attack or defense route? Because while he has the highest attack stat of the pulverizer trio, he’s Kind of squishy and I just maxed him, haven’t given him any emblems yet because I have Kage and I want to give them to him, but if I did split and give Grimm some which route should I take?

I prioritized attack (taking him to +18) for three reasons:

  1. I have Mother North, which makes me significantly less troubled by a hero dying.

  2. When I use Grimm it is in a blue stack with some combination of Frida, Kiril, and Aegir. In those situations I want him primarily for his tile damage, which he contributes even when he’s dead.

  3. Here is the analysis I did on his attack, defense, and hit points (I will follow the convention of 2*Def + HP = survivability):

Base: 716 / 531 / 1132 = 2,194 survivability
Lvl 18 Atk: 827 / 585 / 1204 = 2,410 survivability
Lvl 18 def/hp: 752 / 621 /1312 = 2,554
Just for fun, let’s go level 20, maxing survivability: 752 / 636 / 1357 = 2,629

A couple of reference points
Average 4 star hero survivability (maxed, no emblems): 2,370
Average 5 star hero survivability (maxed, no emblems): 2,775

Attack Grimm barely has above average 4 star survivability. Even maxing that way is not that much better and I don’t think is worth giving up SEVENTY FIVE points of attack. He’s still substantially below average 5 star survivability (which feels like the relevant comparison to me since my raids are in the Diamond Arena). My conclusion was essentially that there’s just NOTHING you can do to keep him alive, past a certain point. Let him hit hard, move on.


There ya go. The best hero is the one you have, right?

I can see making that change. I hate raiding against Buddy, and I plan to skip using EHTs during the Halloween event to maximize my chances of pulling Buddy (or Mother North would be nice) at Christmas.

Thanks for responding. I probably won’t ever have Atomos, since I’ve finished Atlantis; just curious.

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You can have mine. Just give me one of your yellow 5*:rofl:


Haha. Green is the only color where I don’t have a five-star, and I know I’ll never have all the darts I need to max all my yellows, but I guess I’d better decline. :wink: I’ll keep hoping for Lianna to pop out of my TC 20.

I have at least been fortunate that all of my legendaries so far have been somewhere between decent (Thorne) and great (Poseidon). All of my yellows have a purpose, even unmaxed. Poseidon is maxed, Leonidas 2^60 helps with monk trials, Onatel 3^70 is my main mana controller, and Ranvir 2^34 is still sturdy enough for the titans I fight.


Yellow is the only place i don’t have a 5*, so i thought it would be a trade filling both out needs :rofl:
What if i add a Muggy and a birthday card :joy:

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Already got Muggy, but he is a very good hero. And my birthday was in July, so you are either late or really early. :laughing: Too bad your need is not in purple. I have two Domitias, and I might make that trade just for variety. Don’t put it past me to max two, though, if I had the mats and no other options. It would be… electric! (I’ll show myself out.)


I can give you Horghall Atomos AND Kadilen if you have a GM/Alby or Ariel to spare lol

Awesome stuff so far Ivy, thanks so much for responding! :slight_smile:

I also went Attack route with Grimm, because it’s not about him surviving, it’s about what he can do before he gets pulverized, as you say.

To MacC, I tend to maximize a character’s strengths rather than balance them out for its own sake. So with healers or devastating Slow characters I go the def/health route so they can survive to do their best work. With an attacker like Grimm or Scarlett, they do their best damage up front so I like to maximize that rather than worry about surviving to hit again and again. If you have them in your lineup, you’re looking for a quick victory not a healing slog.

Survivors like Buddy or Gormek are made even more stout by going health/def, and going attack on them isn’t going to make a noticeable difference.

Noble, I’m saving EHT’s until Xmas as well, hoping beyond hope for MN (or Santa).

Great thread y’all!


I’m going to say to do some 3* for tournaments, but just figure out which ones have a useful power that can process with that first emblem.

If you have classes where you are running 3* in trials, that also makes sense.

Hi all.
My headache with ranger emblems.
Me having finley 20 nodes and Shesh on 10 nodes.
Me having lianna costume as well.
Shall i swap my ranger emblems for lianna???!
Edit - For green tanks me have Telly 20 nodes and Yunan 20 nodes.

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