Emblems to 5 or 4 stars? — Rigard or Kunchen?

Hi all!
I’m reflecting about giving emblems to Rigard or Kunchen. Actually i hold 120 emblems those means
Kunchen= 7%mana shield and +18 life/defense
Rigard= 14%mana shield and +36 defense +36 attack.

Kunchen is just my first maxed 5 stars, so my roster is made mainly of 4 stars.
It’s also true that i use rigard only for the aw… so have you any imput for a poor confused player? :sweat_smile:


4 stars - it’s like a 3 to 1 ratio and you can reset them to 5 stars later once you get a small horde

A good 4 star with emblems is like a chihuahua with a dagger in his teeth


If your using Kunchen more which I am guessing I would give them to him. That is how I assess my emblems.

Mine have gone to Rigard personally as he is still with me almost everywhere as my Kunchen goes to 70 and waits for 5 tabbards. Eventually I may reset Rigard but that is a while from now.

But don’t by any means discount certain 4*'s for emblems. I have Caedmon, Grimm, BT, Sonya (hopefully Frida), and Rigard with emblems.


I thought my +7 Rigard would be with me everywhere and even when I got my 1st ever special 5* Kunchen (I’m 18 months f2p) I thought it wouldn’t be a big upgrade. I was wrong, after testing Kunchen out for a couple of days I ripped the emblems out of rigard and put straight in Kunchen who now is my tank and keeps me generally over 2600 trophies.

I’ll post some raids involving Kunchen below that may help your decision. 1st raid shows his durability to regain the advantage, 2nd is a good example of his synergy to help wreak the opposition, the rest of the fights he also is a big reason in the wins.


I have seen his durability and his use quite often facing him. He is pretty good and I plan on raising him when I get tabbards.

Unless I get Kage. I also have Sartana at 60 as well.

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Ok, it’s 2 day that i have maxed Kunchen and more i take him raiding, more easy it’s to answer my question… i’ll push all emblems on him!
Ty all for your suggestion and for the interesting video! (forgive me for my english, it’s not my main language)

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Rigard at talent grid level 7 has a better statistic (d/h) than a fully level 5 * Isarnia!
But in the long run, a fully level Kunchen is definately the ultimate choice over Rigard for the emblem.
A better upgrade in every aspect plus more…except a slow mana which can be compensate by a mana troop.

My Kunchen is at 4/55 and I have strongly been considering resetting my Rigard +8 for him. I really like everything but the slow part…

How’s Kunchen at 3/70? I only have 3 tabards at the moment. Could he compete in Legendary events at 3/70?

Certainly, every hero is competitive when leveled over say ~500 overall strength.

How about Rigard and Kunchen to support a yellow stack of 3? I’d say put your next emblems on Kunchen, but leave Rigard as strong as he is.

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Now that new raids tournaments starts, 4stars heroes discover new value… With fast mana a Rigard+7 will be very tough in a defense team so… well done to Small Giant that makes this game last more and more! (and makes our decision everytime harder :sweat_smile:)

if you dont have *5 Healer then go for Kunchen , but if you had Guin,Delilah,Ariel already then better do 2xRiggard than 1xKunchen

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I haven’t pulled the trigger yet and I finished Kunchen the other day. Where should he be played on defense if he isn’t tank?

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Grats on finishing him. In regards to line up who do you have on your roster?

After testing I found Kunchen proved best in tank position for my f2p line up (Lianna Isarnia Kunchen Joon Azlar). As far as I’ve tested most tanks require 6 tiles to kill using 3 heros of dominant colour, I found Kunchen takes 7 when using joon vivica Wu who are all over 700 attack power and this makes him quite viable as a tank I believe if you don’t have a deep 5* roster to pick from.

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Left wing or flank.

20 trap tools…


My 5s are Frida, Magni +2, Zim +6, Ares +2, Lianna, Evelyn +3, Guin, Joon, Kage +3 and Kunchen (possible +4). I haven’t kept the best possible defense since I discovered I could stay in diamond with Rigard, Magni, Ares, Joon and Lianna…


Do you guys still think is best to put the emblems to kunchen?

Hi, i changed my mind and put them on all my 4 stars. I’ve only two 5 stars maxed, so i find more usefull to enforce my 4stars roster

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First node for legends, then epics and spread talents all over your roster…

Multiple small talents are more useful than having a few heavy talented heroes imo.

After that say second crossroads focus on def and some key heroes.

That also is my strategy when leveling up to stay an allroundish competitor all over the different aspects of the game.

I put them on Kunchen, no regrets. Not only does he do a good job tanking, he comes with on offense too and just shrugs off a hit from maxed Lianna or Joon. A pure joy.

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