Frosth or Frida?

I have enough mats for one of these. I have the emblems to take Frosth all the way. I have Melandor, and Sabina both leveled as debuffers so I’m leaning Frosth but I know Frida is good too.

Twenty times Frida and nothing but Frida…


Do you have King Arthur max?

If yes, maybe frosth, if not frida. Element def down is great for titan and every kind of event and very useful for every pvp.

I have both max and I really like frosth, but frida is a few leagues better for nearly everything.


I don’t have Arthur but do have Wilbur as a defense down. He’s maxed and level broken.


Frida 5*+1 at least

It is worth the 4*, and 3*, ascension items

Frida is an elemental defense debuff ( see notes )

Plus the new HotM family buffs Frida’s attack stat


I would definitely take Frosth to 5* 3.70

It is worth the 3* ascension items

A blue 5* fast mana speed all ally minion healer is great for auto play, farming, war

Some players still dislike for titans ( see minion meta on forums )


Click for notes



Definitely frida for EDD


That’s not the same.
Element defense down and normal defense down is different and also stacks. You can use wilbur (or every other def down) together with frida for massive def down.


Frosth will last longer in a defence team than Frida

I’d say Frida first.

Unless you have Noor, or Devana, or some other hero that summons TOUGH minions… then Frosth is worth it. But still probably Frida first. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

Elemental def down is the most powerful thing. in the game imo can be used almost everywhere (defence prob not)
Frida for the win nice pull.


Frida first for sure

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Frida, as EDD stack with regular DD. Combine both with Wu Kong/Tarlak/Ranvir/Miki/Sergei/Bertulf ont titans for Massive Damage.


B- class utility hero (me personally I would vote C, with all the minion counters out there that feast on Frosth)


A+ class utility on top of a solid B+ hitting hero (290% on 3 + dispell).

This is not even a question. Frida is a must have and the only reason to skip her is having King Arthur maxed already (or Limit Broken Nordri and a long queue of A+++ legendary blues). She’ll never get old. Frosth is a situational abomination whose niche is long gone and didn’t even last that long.

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Frieda, Red Titan specialist and useful in wars and raids with other blue hitters. She works even at 3.70 but will die too quickly
Frosth works well with other minion makers and can be annoying at best on defense.

The bear is the best choice

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Frida without any questions if you don’t already have King Arthur. Your Titan scores will get a solid boost with her EDD stacked with regular def down

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Frosth is good but a stronger Frida is much more needed.

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All the way frida! She is overall great


Frida, not a close question


Frida would be the best option.


Thanks all. I’ve ascended Frida. I’m definitely going to pair her with Wilbur and other DD heroes.