Frida vs. King Arthur (among other blues...)

I’ve got the scopes to ascend one more blue and would be interested in input.

Currently I have Athena +7, Ariel +18, C. Magni, Vela +6, and C. Richard +9 as my maxed blues. I have the following heroes at 3.70 and will ascend one of them:

King Arthur

I’m thinking it’s really between King Arthur and Frida, as I’ve got Athena and C. Magni for def down so don’t really need Isarnia, I’m unimpressed with Skadi, and Thorne is Thorne.

I use King Arthur in my Titan team, but Frida much more in war attacks. Any suggestions?

Frida will give you better synergy with Athena given both are AOE3 heroes. So if you’re straight up choosing between Arthur & Frida, I would go Frida.

This is a little surprising… Most people who have her & maxed her are completely enameroured of Skadi.

I saw someone Rainbow kill a +100 Finley-GM-Telly-Vela-Killhare team with maxed troops, basically entirely due to Skadi.
She really needs to be maxed to shine; otherwise she wont necessarily kill minions on a single cast… But at max level, she should kill just about every type of minion in a single cast resulting in an immediat stack of +5 (if it’s telly)… charge a second time and you’re at +10 dealing a heap of undispellable frost damage every turn… and a mega mana slow.

I 100% love her currently and am planning on giving skadi my next set of scopes!


Frida first for the same reasons as Guvnor.

Frida better than KA in challenge events and usually for raids/war, PvE and tournaments as well. Giving ice def down to 3 is more important than giving it to 1. It will make your blue tiles much stronger and all ur blue heroes better. Synergy with hit 3 heroes as well.

KA maybe slightly better than Frida on titans. But Frida still overall better. Frida also slightly higher tile dmg

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I guess I mostly see her as a situational anti-minion hero. With Telly tanks that’s the meta right now, but I beat up on GTV teams with a Jackal/C Joon/Malosi stack, so unless someone has Freya or maybe Santa, it’s hard to see her fit in my lineups.

I’ll try her a bit more at 3.70 in wars though, and see if I can learn how to use her a bit better.

Another vote for Frida. She was my first ever 5*. I still use her all the time. :sunglasses::+1:t2:


Frida + 1, for all reasons previously stated. PLUS the dispel is often very helpful, breaking through riposte and all manner of buffs, This allows those hitting after to get the kills required.

But I am also very curious about Skadi, I think she may actually make blues a viable option against GTV (to a greater extent than Frida)

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Unimpressed with Skadi?? Skadi is a Telluria killer…if there are minions and you can fire her and kill minions you’ve basically won. I beat +20 GTV teams with a 3/70 Skadi paired with C Kiril. At max she should be even better.
But for you Frida is the best choice. She’s more versatile than Arthur and pairs with Athena/C Magni excellently. Go Frida and do Skadi next!

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So I’ve been playing with Skadi at 3.70 and since she got buffed, she’s amazing. Still anti-minion situational, but I’m playing her next to Sif, and if she can get even two stacks on the opposing team, she will just steadily grind them down. I just pulled Baldur, and I’m planning on a team with some healing, and Baldur, Sif, Skadi lined up and watching them just grind teams to dust.

Going to go with Skadi, and then will raise Frida.

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