Appreciate Your Input(Ice Heroes)

I am looking for people’s opinions on my next Blue hero upgrade. I have Frosth, Frida, and King Arthur all ready for their final ascension. I’m leaning more towards King Arthur or Frosth. King Arthur for his big damage plus minus attack and defense on the target. But pairing up Frosth with Freya seems like one hell of a of minion tag team! Thoughts??

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With all the new minion busters coming out I would lean towards the king. I always have an easy time against Freya and frosth combos by countering with Bera, Grimble, Gefjon, ureaus and soon Devana. The king is great against titans and fits well in any blue team. GL.

Frida is good for Titans with her -54 elemental defense and buff dispel. Tough choice, good luck :grin:

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Frida is a must. For Titans, sure. But she’s a must for every blue stack you’re going to build also.


Out of those frida gives you the most mileage titan raid and war wise


Frida!!! And yes with Frosth!

I would say Frida then Frosth. Frida is amazing

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One more for the bear here. I got King Arthur some time last year I think, or it may even have been the year before… he sits forlornly at 1.1 to this day. Frida does what he does and then a bit more. And she is a polar bear. Enough said.

I haven’t had Frosth maxed for long but he is looking pretty useful. I don’t think he is best used on defence though, for the reasons Chaka states above.

I will ascend in this order Frida, Frost and Arthur.

I will add to the chorus, Frida is a must. The king has some advantages in special damage, but overall Frida still offers better utility in almost every facet of the game. Frosth is second to that blue elemental defense down. I’d say Frida, Frosth, Arthur.

I would go with Frida first. Between her and King Arthur, Arthur maybe a bit better on titans simply because he also drops the titan’s attack stat considerably.

However, Frida more than makes up for this on rare red titans and on offense. A huge part of this is because she is one of two blue dispellers (the other being Sonya). As dispelling is one of the key skills, having Frida instead of Arthur is a significant advantage.

Moreover, Frida also drops the elemental defense of 3 heroes on offense while Arthur only drops 1. This makes blue tiles generally more effective and pairs nicely with the various 3-hitters (Richard, Glenda, Lepus, Thorne, etc) or AoE (Morel, Isarnia, Vela, etc) in blue.

Frida over King Arthur for hitting three. I’m not sure how this was much of a choice to choose Frosth over elemental defense down.