Do Elemental Defense Debuffs and Regular Defense Debuffs Stack? Why use them together? For instance, Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek, Buddy or Wilbur with Guardian Jackal, Falcon, Panther, Arthur, Frida, Nordri, or Evelyn. [MASTER]

Does elemental defense buff stack with normal defense buff? For eg, will the defense buff from Grimm and Guardian Jackal stack? So if I fire Drake fong after firing Grimm and Jackal will the hit get benefit of both the buffs or only one?


YES, they do stack…

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I’m sorry to do this on this page… but I’m new to this game and this chat. I’m trying to get some defense team ideas for the first war I’m in… but all I can do is comment on stuff. How do you create your own page?? Sorry again…

Does someone has data if they stack by simple addition, e.g. 44% + 54% or they’re applied independent of each other, e.g. 44% from enemy’s total defense and then 54% of enemy’s lowered defense?

Given enemy has 1000 defense, we’d get 1000*(1-(0.44+0.54))=99 defense in first example or 1000*(1-0.44)*(1-0.54)=258 in second example.

I believe it’s the later, but never have tried to collect the data.

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Does G. Falcon’s elemental defense debuffer(-54%) really stacks with other defense debuffers like Wilbur’s or is it just that it only increases the debuff by 10% to the -44% defense debuff of Wilbur against fire?

Regular defense debuffers stack with elemental defense debuffers. Tibs/Kunchen don’t stack with each other but they stack with Panther, Wilbur/Gormek don’t stack with each other but they stack with Falcon, Athena/Isnarnia/Grimm don’t stack with each other but they stack with Arthur, Buddy stacks with Evelyn.


Thanks, but what I meant was if these two adds like -44% + -54%. I know it sound crazy to think that. It would be like it’s leaving an opponent with literally no defense against fire OR the elemental defense debuffer just makes them a 10% more vulnerable to fire.:thinking::thinking::exploding_head::exploding_head:

Shielding simply cascades.
Same debuff overwrites the other of exactly that kind.
Different state symbols do also cascade, even ups and downs for the same element. I’m not sure how it’s calculated.

It’ll produce sth like this:


Can one use both elemental defense reduction along with another normal defense reduction?

Isarnia + guardián halcon

Yes, they stack

20 chars


They stack with tremendous effect.

I use them in a trap defense against blue attack on my tank to a good effect.


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I hope that helps!

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Alguna imagen con 2 reducción de defensa en el enemigo isarnia y halcón por ejemplo

I am trying to understand this post, but if you have the two heroes you are fuzzy about, it’s good to try them out on the map, choose some strong levels to enable you have longer time to fire their specials at a strong boss.
Then you can check if they stack or not by just pressing and hold on the boss.

If you have Kiril and boldtusk… does it matter where you put them. In this chat I’m a part of, someone said you want BT to the left of of kiril because he has a higher attack percentage and it will lower once they both use there special. Is this true?

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Yes, since the defense fires from left to right, it’ll be better to put the highest of overwriting specials on the ‘rightest’ place.

But if another order was a better support for or the tank, that would get priority.

Both ready same turn rarely happen.


Thank you… I thought they stacked. I’m happy I asked.

Let’s says that you got Wilbur and G. Falcon.

Wilbur debuffs defence while G. Falcon debuffs only defence vs fire.

Does it stack? If yes then how exactly is that calculated?

  1. Yes
  2. Its calculated to give mass quantities of dmg to the enemy.

There is an official master thread on this,but it doesn’t answer the “how is it calculated” question.


possible merge and a good question that I don’t see answered other places on how damage calcs work when stacking.

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