Which ice hero to max first

Which ice hero would you max first, Frida or King Auther and why? Farsight telescopes are hard to come by and with both Frida and King Auther at 3/70 I’m trying to decide which one would be best to max first. Any input would be helpful. Thank you

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Do you have any other blue 5*

Is there a specific role you want to fill? Raid defence, titans, offence…? Or just generally everything?

They are almost similar, except Frida hits three a little bit softer than Arthur one. Frida seems to be slightly better in all situations.

Arthur only, if you don’t have a few snipers.

I had Arthur 3/70 then pulled Frida. Asked same question and majority said Frida.

Maxed Frida and she’s been great. Slight drop off vs red titans but much more effective in raids, defense and makes your blue stack much more scary.

Element defense down, dispel. She’s very similar to Panther and Eve but average mana. She’s also great for farming.

Thanks everyone. Really appreciate the input. I already have isarnia almost maxed and just pulled Ricard a few days ago and is a long ways from maxing cocideration:-) so, I may max Frida and give her emblems. All emblems that could have gone to isarnia have already been used on Sartana and onatel.

Frida. Better overall for all situations.

Arthur is better for titans.

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Thank you. All the input has made the decision easier:-) looks like Frda is going to the next lvl:-) peace


Stop the presses, just got bored and used a couple saved EHT and got lucky and pulled Magni:-) Frida or magni to a defence team that would include
Lianna, onatel, Zim, and sartana.

Magni for defense.

20 Magni characters.


Thanks AirHawk:-) will be lvl up magni asap!!!

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