Frida, Alasie or Ariel? Anzogh or someone else?

Greetings, fellow puzzlers!

I am currently leveling Frida for my future 5* defense team, she’s on tier 3 lvl 43. But now I got Ariel and Alasie in the Atlantis draw.

My current defense team:

My future defense team could contain these guys:


So who would fit in the old and new team best? Frida, Alasie or Ariel? And should I max Frida first to improve my team or stop and level Alasie or Ariel first?

I know Anzogh sucks, but he’s my only fire 5*. My best fire 4* are Colen, Gormek, Boldtusk and Wilbur. I also have Guardian Falcon. Should I use one of them instead of Anzogh? Or someone else entirely, like another one of my 3 5* ice heroes?

Thank you all very much in advance!

I have very little experience fighting against her and don’t own her, but my understanding is that Ariel is being touted as one of the best heroes in the game. It would take a while to build, and you didn’t address if you have the ascension materials, but my first reaction was:

Ariel, Poseidon, Thoth, Anzogh, Elkanen

  • Ariel because she’s a great healer / buffer and cleanses before anything else happens.

  • Poseidon as the natural flanking complement to a dark center and because, if he fires before Thoth-Amun dies, he probably impedes some of heroes in the holy stack that are attacking you (esp. Onatel).

  • Thoth-Amun I think is one of / your most tanky hero. He can be hard to kill, with his ability to quickly generate durable minions. As such, he seems a reasonable center for you. No one link here, but look in particular for anytime StaceyTurner talks about using him.

  • Anzogh does not suck. I’ll just go ahead and page @Garanwyn here, who has defended him as a credible tank/flank option. I’d suggest skimming the master thread from when he was released.

  • Elkanen - I have no reason other than because he’s your only five star green.


Thanks a lot for your answer!

I have read that Ariel is not the best healer, but of course that doesn’t mean she sucks, not at all, and I guess it’s a matter of perspective too - and she sure is my best healer… She might really be my best option because I’m gonna want a strong healer on my team.

I have the ascension materials for Poseidon and Elkanen. I’m missing a few to max an ice hero and many to max a dark hero because I recently maxed Obakan before I got Thoth. I also still need 3 Magical Rings and 3 Hidden Blades to get Anzogh all the way up.

I hadn’t yet thought of Thoth as a tank but that makes sense!

Okay, it’s just that I read a bad review of Anzogh where someone said he was pretty lame in comparison to other 5 stars like Guardian Kong. But I guess I need to do more reading or/and wait for Garanwyn to weigh in, thanks!

So you suggest I should stop leveling Frida and focus on Ariel?

I think that depends on where your priority is. Frida will obviously be great on red titans, but that’s only (I assume) 20% of them. Doubtless she’ll be valuable in other places too and could hold a spot in your defense.

I mostly recommended Ariel because your post emphasized defense, and I think Ariel is a better fit than Frida there, given the other heroes you listed. And, just as Frida, her other usage can be wide: she’ll be valuable in raids, map, war, etc.

My priority is really on my defense team right now. I’m planning to make the most of what I have now, and I think the team you suggested is a sensible goal. I’ll be patient and save my ice ascension materials for Ariel. Thank you!

@Scrutator Ariel is the best healer but she needs good attackers to be effective. Family link with poseiden is good start.

Since you already gave 4 capes to Frida, take her to 3/70 before starting Ariel. If you have maxed Kiril, BT, Mel, Sabina along with Rigard, then I would take Alasie to 3/70 before Ariel.

Anzogh is average if you have several solid red heroes, but by himself is below average.

I’d leave Thoth alone for now. If you have proteus or tibs, work on them.

Elk is meh too. Work on Hansel Caedmon Buddy Mel if you have them first.

@Scrutator, I agree with most / all of what @l2ider said about ‘these four star hero before some of the five star heroes you have.’ I probably should have made more clear in my responses that I was answering based ONLY on what you showed of your roster. It’s probably more reasonable to assume that, if you have those five stars, you have some quality four star cards. I did NOT make that assumption.

If I had, I would almost certainly agitate for several four star heroes first, because they’re faster and less resource intensive to level up, because they’ll still be useful when your five star hero team is online, and because you may or may not have the ascension materials to max out the five stars. My answers were strictly from the very long term perspective of ‘this is what I’d aim for long-term for your five star hero defense to be.’

Well that’s what I asked about :wink:

I’ve been playing for a while and I have a pretty good set of 4* of each color. Besides the 4* heroes on my current defense team, I have a maxed Kiril, Wu Kong and Melendor, and Boldtusk, Gormek, Wilbur, Gretel, Chao, Caedmon and Proteus are all headed for max lvl. My other 5* besides the ones already named are Obakan (4/47), Quintus (3/11) and Richard (3/70).