Which blue 5* hero should I level next?

Hi Guys, I already have a maxed Misandra and I am thinking about leveling a second blue 5* hero. The choice is between these: Perseus, Aegir, Isarnia, Ariel.
Do u think I should try to get Frida or Alasie?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Of course you should try for frida and alasie if u can.

Out of what u currently have though, i think isarnia would be my choice. Attack stat is stupid high and her defense drop is useful on titans

I would go with Ariel. I don’t have her but I find that I dislike isarnia. Tough to kee her alive at times!

Depends on the rest of your team. My choice of what you listed would be Ariel. I would like a 5* healer and she fits the bill.

Frida and Alasie are worth trying for within your means.

Aegir will probably receive a buff in v20 but until we know what it is, I am working on other heroes that are immediately useful.

Isarnia usually doesn’t cause me too many problems when she is on defense. She is probably better for Titans or general offense where you can protect her and work the board to her favor.

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