POLL: Ascend Ariel or Frida? details in comments - thx for the help (`_´)ゞ

  • Frida
  • Ariel

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Hi all,

It’s another one of these posts. Thank you for voting, and especially commenting - I would love to hear why you’d choose one over the other.

Frida pros:

  1. Titan hits
  2. Blue stack raids
  3. Elemental damage amplifiers are kinda meta - I know I use Falcon, Jackal, and Panther a lot…

Ariel Pros:

  1. Average speed healers are great.
  2. Probably better in war than Frida (heals are just more useful given my roster)
  3. Can hold center d on my raid team (not a big deal though - who cares)
  4. No blue healer right now

I’ll list my maxed heroes below:

Red: Azlar, Gravemaker, Guardian Falcon, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Sumitomo, Sir Lancelot
Blue: Magni, Rumplestiltskin, Boril, Sonya, Grimm, Triton
Green: Alberich, Lianna, Hansel, Hansel 2, Melendor,
Yellow: Onatel, Delilah, Joon, Guardian Jackal, Wu Kong
Purple: Sartana, Kunchen, Guardian Panther, Rigard

I have Kiril at 1/01

I don’t know why I maxed Lancelot lol
I’d love to hear from Ariel-havers and Frida-users. And for that matter, if anybody has a use for Lancelot, please enlighten me lol

Thank you!

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I do not have both, but based on theory and resources… IMO, ascend Ariel, Frida 3.70.

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Frida serves well at 3-70 for titans. Ariel is too good to deny. Ascend Ariel first, go back for Frida when you can.

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I have both and know Ariel’s a game-changer. That said, you already have a quality 5* healer in Delilah. Frida’s elemental d-down will probably help you more than a second healer


I personally can’t have too many healers, and Ariel is “top drawer” as they say.


@nevarmaor “I personally can’t have too many healers, and Ariel is “top drawer” as they say.”

So true. I’m only waking up to this. I really like to stack 3:2 with a healer in both camps, preferably average speed (although I bring Kunchen and Alberich to the fight sometimes - alby in particular kicks butt at war)…

Anyway it’s a bummer because both average-speed-healers and damage-amplifiers are what I want, but I’m stuck choosing one or the other. This is what I get for ascending Rumple lol

But if I have to pick a 3:2 here… I’d rather take Magni + Rumple + Ariel than Magni + Rumple + Frida … maybe

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It would be nice to be able to max both. Eventually …

I can only tell you what I would choose, it’s up to you to figure out what works best for you.

Wish I had Magni, until I get Ariel maxed my 3Blue is Richard + Grimm + Kiril.


It’s a helluva quandry… A top shelf blue healer or a top shelf blue elemental-down.

Ultimately I can bring Kiril up to fill that blue healer slot. I can’t bring anybody but Frida up for an ice-elemental-defense-down… A case can be made for Frida. Argh.

Dude you have literally the best healer in the game.
Ariel anyday everyday.

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That’s kind of what I was thinking. You have other heroes to fill Ariel’s role but nobody else to fill Frida’s

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