Create the best defense team from this roster

I’m racking my brain but I can’t figure out how to best build my def team in the future. Here are my heroes, imagine they are all maxed. Please create the best team you can imagine and briefly explain why it’s great. Thank you very much!

Ranvir - Ariel - Elkanen - Anzogh - Alaise

Ranvir increase your damage a lot, Elkanen and Anzogh heals on damage dealt.
Ariel is a great healer and her cleanse helps while against Gravemaker (and no only).
Alasie is one of the best snipers and by doubling blues you could fight better a red stack.

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Poseidon and Ariel for family buff
-Poseidon is fast hitter (pretty good IMO) and he can block my Hel :sleepy:
-Ariel is pretty good tank, if she start healing her mana buff change her into monster

Anz and Azlar, 2 reds with blue tank
1.attacker will take greens for tank (weak for these 2)
2.attacker will take blues (normal for tank)
-Anzogh is good option for flank here beacuse:
*he hit
*he heal (2 healers are good but 2 healers and 1 hitter in 2 heroes is very good)
-Azlar in corner? Yes! He is slow but if Ariel will shot her mana buff will let Azlar shot and he have weak def so in corer he can survive longer (but normally this isn’t perfect place for slow guys)

Elk on flank, with 2 healers, his own heal and mana buff he can stay long enough to keep Azlar alive for cleaning your tired enemy.

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