Which Defense?

So, I haven’t ascended a 5* in a long time and I’m planning to do so soon. I’m not sure what to prioritize anymore. I have a couple options and was hoping for thoughts. I have the ascension materials for all of these.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Which option do you think is better? I also have Kunchen at 3/70, maxed Leonidas, Obakan, and Frida. Marjana and Lianna are also maxed.

Ariel is about to hit 3/70. I can’t decide if I should ascend her or not. I have 10 scopes, so I could do Alasie instead if I decide on option 2. Since I have no way of knowing when the next two scopes will come. I’ve been pretty lucky with ascension mats lately, but we all know RNG. I also have two Alasie, so I could put them both on the wings if I wanted to go really high on mana control…

Ariel first, shes the best 5* healer with mana boost…

Later on…

Ariel Panther Poseidon Hel Alasie

With option to replace Poseidon with Guin…


I haven’t seen a lot of Poseidon tanks, but I have seen Ariel. Poseidon will benefit from the family defense boost as well, but he is a sniper and doesn’t really punish a bad board as well as Ariel?

Panther is 3/70 right now. I have 11 tabards and Morlovia is right around the corner, so no issue there. The only hard part is that I need 2 more scopes to be able to max both Alasie and Ariel. I’ll do Ariel first since she is about there.

Ariel is tankey, but I wouldn’t waiste her on that position. Her special will support your team very much, especially when she’ll be able to cast multiple times.

Most annoying tanks for me are fast hitters and Poseidon will also block mana controllers. Give it a try. Once your def is set, you can play with rearranging positions to check what works best for you…

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It does make sense to shuffle things around. I was planning to max all of those heroes anyway. Only thing I’m really waiting on is two telescopes.

Heh. I just got a mystic rings from war chest. I know I can’t complain about a 4* mat, but I really need the scopes. I have 12 rings now and the only options I have for red are Anzogh, Khagan, or a second Marjana. None of which are attractive options…

You’ll always get what you don’t need.

I have 15 scopes and need a ring.


Wish I could trade with you! I pulled for Gravemaker during Atlantis but I reached my budget without getting him. Can’t complain though, very last summon got me Hel. Do you think Khagan or Anzogh are worth ascending? My only maxed 5* red is Marjana and I have 12 rings…

Anzogh first, then Khaga, but they are both ok. Anz is a little bit of everything, but not perfect and Khaga slow. If any of their classes fits better, ascend that one.

I don’t think I’d want to give either one emblems and I can already complete every class quest… probably Anzogh. Like you said, Anzogh is a bit of everything, that’s what I don’t like about him. He does a bunch of things in an okay way instead of one thing amazing… 12 rings, so I’ll probably ascend one. Got a couple of red 4*'s to ascend first(mainly Falcon) so I’ll do that first and if nothing better comes along, I’ll ascend Anzogh.


Are you sure I should go Poseidon or Guinevere for a tank? I have 11 tabards and it will be 12 soon. I just found this on the top rankings. Look at those stats for Kunchen. That is amazing. I could max him and Hel… but I don’t know what I’d run with him…

Maybe a 3 color def

Ariel Posey Kuni Guin Alasie

could work for you, too.

You can also try Hel for Kuni or Panther as tank in that case.
With 11 tabbards I would go Hel over Kuni and then Panther.

I definitely wanna explore my options. I have enough mats to ascend most of the options. I just ascended Ariel today. I am 2 scopes shy of being able to max Alasie. I can max Poseidon and Guin… then I have to choose 2 out of Panther, Hel, and Kunchen. I’m going to do Hel first since offence is more important than defense and Hel is a game changer. I have time to decide for the rest of the defense. Thanks for all the advice :slight_smile:

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I can’t believe I just got another one. I know I can’t complain about two 4* mats so close together, but why the one I need the least? Sigh.

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