Finally got wu

Well after months of trying to pull him I got. It was from a mystic vision epic hero token. Now I am really in a mess though. Please some advice on what to do now. I have pulled some good heroes lately but still getting butt kicked because I am underpowered and probably have wrong team together.

Wu is a game changer, titan killer and very useful for all events and killing big teams in raid. Congrats on your pull.

Level Wilbur and Wu Kong as your first thing, and then:

3* - To complete rare event’s tiers with the heroes you already have

  • Brienne
  • Hawkmoon
  • Gato

4* - Until you will be able to complete all the rare quests, class trials and event’s completions

  • Wilbur
  • Wu Kong
  • Proteus

5* - When you will have 100% of the required materials

  • Evelyn (she is good even at 3.70)
  • Gravemaker

I agree with @FraVit93, Wu Kong and Wilbur should be the priority.

Both of these heros will be huge in story mode, quests, Wu Kong in particular is a staple to many Titan lineups. Wilbur will also help out on titans that are overpowering your heros. You will only need one Wilbur IMO so I would likely feed one of the Wilburs for that 25% on the special skill.

Though I agree with fravit93, wu Kong is only good for titans/offense. On defense his miss will be detrimental.

I would level these next:

Yellow: Wu Kong
Red: Wilbur
Purple: Proteus - if you have the materials
Blue: finish Sonya
Green: finish Kashhrek

Wu is great on titans, and in War for hitting higher difficulty teams.

Though four stars almost never get levelled up without hitting 8/8… (I do have a Chao that made it to 3/60 with 6/8, but the chances are still good for him…) However, agreed that a second Wilbur is a pretty low priority.

I wouldn’t feed off the second Wilbur…at 3/60 he may be useful in war.

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I will suggest you focus on getting at least 2 if not 3 fully ascended 4* rainbow teams before progressing on 5* s.; That would afford you easier varieties, and good stamina in events,

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