First time over 300 Gems

So this morning I am finally over 300 gems for the first time… I know I’m a newb!
My question is what is the best way to use them?


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i would do any elemental summon except for the colors you already have a 3* in

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Summon troops to try and get 4* troops. Don’t do summons yet.

why would he focus on troops that early in the game when he doesnt even have a rainbow 3* or higher roster yet?

heros are cheaper to level, faster results, makes the whole game easier in a shorter amount of time and money than troops do.

just to max troops players are spending thousands

dont have to spend thousands to have a decent hero roster

nothing i cant do in this game without 4* troops.

plenty of things i couldnt do in this game without a decent 4* arsenal, and before that lack of 3* was biggest obstacle.

I’ve eaten all of my 3* troops(since i have 4* troops which i bought with $$) I can complete events, rare quests, raids, titan hits, etc without using good troops

troops are a p2p luxury and not a f2p necessity


Heroes roster size is not to neglect if you still lack space, I bought many of those within my first few months

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You can

  • increase your hero capacity: good at every time, price goes up after X buys
  • do event summons: try to save enough gems to do x10 summons
  • do atlantis summons: same as above, more costly but they’ll give you ascension materials
  • do troops summons: this is moreendgame oriented, do hero summons before this.

If this post start sounding like a plea for investment advises from someone who has just acquired himself or herself a good small amount of fortune and wanting to know what to do with them. That’s because it does and all the friendly financial advisors all chip in to offer their advises.

Except what’s different is that in real life, most of these advises are from banks or financial institutions, or start ups looking for you to invest in their products for their gains and then offer you some return on your investment. Not Empires and Puzzles, those that posted here are offering their sagely advises based on their experiences. Your decision on what to do and when to spend is essentially affecting investment for yourself and your effectiveness in an alliance which you are a part of (or will soon join). Your decision do not affect them and they have nothing to gain other that it is a feel good moment when they felt they have helped someone new, in the same sense that they themselves may have felt when they were new to the game.

There are lots of sounds advises here, each with their own merits. But in the end, the decision to click to spend the gems as you get them or stay your hand (for now, and save for something better) is ultimately up to you.

Best of Luck.

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Agreed. Hero cap is very important. One of the things you would never regret. I did ask for troop summons to get an early jump start. Heroes will come one way or another. Getting a 4* troop is a different matter. Getting it gives a strong start. Does not need end game. Even a 4* troop is equivalent to a lv6/7 3* troop.

My advice is … KEEP SAVING UP.
till next decent event
Then pull with ehat you got.
And Also recommend you ghighly to buy a VIP month its a 2 builders and 900 gems monthly.
Will really help you in your game and after 2 months of VIP you are no more a NEWBIE.
Otherwise … join my club if Newbie style for ever.


I’d use them to buy world energy to farm with

Maybe you can post your roster and people can help you choose what to do with your gems. Without any proof of your current progression, its hard for others to gauge what is the most beneficial way of using your gems. But if I were on early days and completely f2p I would do elemental summon for the color of my weakest heroes. For example if you still use 2 star layla and you already have 3 star or higher for other colors, you should go for dark/purple elemental summon. The least you can get there is a 3 star which is an upgrade for your current 2 star. If you luck out on 4 star or 5 star of that color, its even better. For me, troops can wait after you have a solid rainbow team. And you dont need additional space yet if you are f2p until later in the game.


Here is the team I use all the time !

And on my iPad account this is my go to team…

Awwwwwwww! I could just pinch your little cheeks!

Seeing as you are using 2* heroes, I agree with an elemental summon in one of those colors that you’re using a 2* in.


Save um as long as you can or wait a couple weeks the guardians event has some great heros!!

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It’s all I have!!! I refuse to spend any money so I am just spending my time leveling up my food to the max of 10 x 6 and plug along…

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Thank Hunt…

Is that good way to rack up some heros?

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Yeah, that’s the beauty of doing an elemental summon (waiting for either purple or blue).

Even if you get a 3* hero you won’t be disappointed and it will be a good boost in strength.

From your team I can see that you lack healers and you still use 2 star except for bane. So for this, I have several suggestio for you :

  1. If you are going to pull for healers,

2 red : 3 star hawkmoon, 4 star boldtusk
1 blue : 4 star kiril
3 green : 3 star belith, 4 star melendor, kashrek
2 purple : 4 star sabina, rigard
1 yellow : vivica

  1. If you are going to replace your weakest, id go for other color except yellow. What your current elemental gate?If it is not yellow, I would just go for it.

@SRJ_CT_61 I didnt see the second pic,lol. If so, go for purple or blue elemental summon.

Uggg that dam 20 character thing… UGG!!

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