What is the best way to spend gems

Hello everyone.

My level is 28 after rolling some… gems on summons. I stoped to disappoint myself and changed my strategy; reach level 20 and have 20 level TC and wait result. So I would like to ask ELDER players if they had chance to start from the beginning in which area they would spend their gems.

  • Expanding hero capacity

  • Hero summon tries

  • Troop summon tries

  • For special items

It changes from player to player but this is a safe gem’s usage.

Only with x10 or x30 rolls and just on event’s or atlantis summons.
Atlantis summons will even gives you an ascension chest.
Even seasonal summons could be worthy but it’s best to use epic hero tokens first.

Good when you already have your go-to team, if you are looking to obtain mana troops for your defense.

But not on the shop, look for special offers with ascension materials in it or on atlantis’ chest summons.


@FraVit93 nice answer. I feel like after 6-8 months with this game (hope that I will quit) hero capacity will be essential for gathering heroes and for feed, so it doesn’t look right to spend so much gems on summons randomly.

Guess that was a little off topic since you said “spend gems”.

I’d only spend gems on summons and guaranteed 4* mats(which is rarely/if ever offered for only gems)

I wouldnt spend on troops, world energy, raid energy, food, iron, etc etc

Hero summons is the way to go. Everything else is more easily obtained through gameplay. Even my 4* troops came for epic troop tokens(didnt track which tokens were free and which were paid for but still).

As far as roster space, it’s easy to work around if you keep a steady pace of leveling heros starting with the most useful.


For me it is Event and atlantis summons.
And i use most of my vipgems to skip chests.


Lol. We’re switching you to decaf @rigs

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Just happened to catch this thread at a weird time when i was just telling another “over spending rage quitter” he should probably stop spending lol. So had me thinkin about my own spending.

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Seems like good advice. It was just…y’know… forceful. Don’t scare the OP too much!

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Yea realized that after i typed it all out lol. That’s the curse of typing as I think and not after I think

I am not an elder player by any means, but I feel it only makes sense to spend gems on:

  • event summons (can’t get these heroes any other way)
  • Atlantis summons (I feel this is currently the best summon gate available - not only for the Atlantis heroes but also it’s the only chance to get past hotms if you missed them, and guaranted mat on the top of it)
  • reviving your heroes if you lost at last level of something significant (challenges or events where you can also get guaranteed ascension material; but never ever use it on farming normal map)
  • skipping the time needed for wanted chests - not when the counter is at 10h, but when it is like 2-3 hours the cost is really cheap (like 3-8 gems; part of which is immediately restored). For me it allows to avoid too much of a downtime - for example, when I wake up I want to finish the chest before I go to work, otherwise I’d lose 8 hours since I don’t farm 8-7 when at work. It makes you get that elemental chest quicker - and what is elemental chest? Yeah, ascension materials
  • extending your hero roster size - of course if you plan to pull and keep a lot. It is quite cheap, and very useful

What I would never spend the gems on:

  • the regular shop offers - they are rng with the best chance to give you crap, and when they are guaranteed - it’s usually full of nothing (2x 3 star heroes, woaw). The only one I’d consider is the Quick Pass with 90 loot tickets, just because I use them a lot.
  • epic summons - the normal heroes are available sooner or later via TC13/TC20. Plus they are “side effects” of pulling on events or Atlantis anyway. Only use it on seasonal pulls and only when already out of Epic Tokens (which you should never spend on normal epic summons, by the way. Something I also learnt the hard way).
  • troops summon - epic summon tokens drop here and there, and for me this is enough. Troops are not a gamechanger like heroes are. Having “the right” troop only matters at the point where you can’t get your hero selection any better and don’t worry about mats to max them. So very late in the game. I’d take a Guinevere with a 2* troop over a Cyprian with a super wanted 4* mana troop.
  • normal summons - sad there’s even an option for that
  • skipping time for buildings, restoring your world energy, skipping training costs etc. Time will pass anyway. Gems won’t come back.

That was a good summary. I agree with you, read twice. The shop offers except special ascend items, I believe the AI behind the offer must be improved doesn’t make sense to pay a lot, mostly I don’t even give e glance.

I would like to ask for some addition, what kind of seasonal summons you could tell me. me her only two months. Saw Atlantis twice - maybe. Now I see Pirates - don’t like it much weak stuff.

What an epic answer… I follow the rule of “if you have bad habit, to quit you need to do it often.” just a theory. Not planing to stay here too much as it look like. Testing my patience here. reach level 20 and TC-20 also and few weeks for result. Mind behind the game need to be change.

Ok nice one.

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So there are 4 types of “standard” summon:

  • Elemental summon - 3-5 star, specific color only, but regular heroes, with increased chance of scoring 5*. Gems only
  • Epic summon - 3-5 star, all colors, and also regular heroes only. Epic Hero Token allows you to get it.
  • Troops - 3 or 4 star only, available with Epic Troop Token
  • Normal - 1-3 star heroes or troops, regular heroes only. Summon token allows you to get it for free, also daily token available. Doesn’t give you chance for hotm.

For 4 days in a month, Atlantis summon is available (as a 5th gate). You get 3-5 star regular + Atlantis heroes + chance of getting selected 2 past hotms.

During the event time (such as Pirates, Fables, Guardians, Avalon - or coming soon Wonderland) the elemental summon changes to Event summon. Same rules apply, so gems only and 3-5 star heroes with increased chance of 5*. Except all colors this time, and that there are event heroes available to be pulled as well. There is no other way to get these certain heroes (unless you win the event which you never will).

During seasonal challenge (such as Vale, Sand, Halloween or Christmas) the Epic summon changes to Seasonal summon Same rules apply as Epic summon, so you can get it with a gold token, 3-5 star only. Except there are few seasonal heroes also available to be pulled. There’s no other way to get these heroes except during the seasonal pull.

I hope it clarifies.

By the way I forgot to mention about Troop summons in my last post - edited to cover that as well.

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My friend you just made it so beautiful thanks for your time. I made my mind on seasonal events, gonna wait these three and gonna decide, these there have really nice heroes.

New “alice in wonderland” event coming out as well, so may want to keep that in mind.

Best thing to remember(i think many players impulsively forget), is that every hero will come back around. Every hotm, every season 2 hero, every event hero, every seasonal hero. No reason to dump a bunch of gems all at once trying to pull 1 hero. Limit yourself and if you hit that limit then just try again next time they are available.

Many players have rage quit due to dumping tons of gems or cash for 1 hero and failing to get it acting like that hero will never come around again.

I keep from bein disappointed by bad summons by always having a backup plan. Ok next month, I’m going to try for this hero, but if i don’t get it then i will work on maxing this hero instead. Typically ends up giving your roster balance and always progressing a hero to fill a void whether old or new.


The character that you have should make you feel to fight, wonderland heroes as we see three of them, don’t give me that fire. The Chritsmans heroes also were the same style, they were tough but its the feeling you put sugar and salt together to your tea. These characters don’t suit the game.

Limit yourself this is the key yes. Thank you.

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All 5 are floating around

And yes they look cheesy as hell

But until i see they’re special skills, I’ll be undecided if i want them or not

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Ditto to @Sealt ! :+1::+1::+1: