Yet Another Ascension help thread. ><

I’ve been playing for a while, but I think it would still be helpful to get some community input from brighter minds than my own considering the scarcity of 5* mats. I’m a patient player and am happy to hold onto mats and to wait for a better hero if I need to. That being said, here is what I have, and what I would like help deciding about:

  1. Damascus (6), Scopes (5), Tonics (9) Rings (6) Darts (8) Tabards (4) Tomes (10)
  2. Compass (26) Gloves (16) Blades (14) Orbs (31) Shields (12) Capes (17) Tools (8)

Reds at 4-80 - Mitsy and Zim. Reds at 3-70 - Mitsy and Elena
Blues at 4-80 - Ariel and Athena. Blues at 3-70 - Alice, Frida, Issy, Lepus, Thorne
Greens at 4-80 - only Morgan. Greens at 3-70 - Kadilen & Margaret (Atomos & Horg unleveled)
Purples at 4-80 - Kage and Kunch. Purples at 3-70 - Quintus and 2 x Seshat (Domi, Obakan and Boss unleveled)
Yellows at 4-80 - Musashi and Joon. Yellows at 3-70 - Leonidus. I have no other 5* yellow at all.

Red - Elena’s tile damage is great… do I commit? or take another fast Mitsy for raiding?
Blue - although she’s not fast, I think Frida’s ice defense-down is a default choice when i get another scope.
Green - I don’t know at all. I am not sure spending mats on any are worth it. I’m already using Marge on titans (9/10*) and Kadilen is in my raid team with 2 Hansels and Morgan (who i have absolutely zero regrets about ascending - she is a rock star).
Purple - Q will probably live forever where he is. I think this category is quite easy - Seshat
Yellow - I’m undecided about Leo. He is in my raid team but the others in the team (mush/J/falcon) do kind of look at him like he’s the smelly kid in class. Great against bosses like Ursena, but that’s a very limited benefit. ShalI just wait?

I’m happy to have any opinions or give whatever additional info is needed. Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Elena, I’d probably wait, no on another Mitsy
Frida YES…hope you get that scope. I like Alice too
Green, I’d pass on all 4 of those
Seshat slam dunk, burn a candle for tabbards
I kind of like Leo, but I’m in the minority. He always seems to have my number when I’m raiding against him.

Good Luck!!


Elena at this point would be for green titans. I like Mitsuko a lot myself but I can only see use for a 2nd one for wars. I guess it depends how many blue flanks and wings you run into, against blue tanks she usually won’t charge before them unless mana troop + family boosted. I lean towards Elena myself, personally I see titan damage as a valuable thing to have and Elena does bring that to the table.

Between Frida and Alice here, I’d go Frida. With Athena they’ll destroy titans together, and you’ll have less need for Isarnia already having Athena.

For green heroes I’d be tempted to wait and see if TC20 gives you Lianna. If you don’t get Lianna by the time you have 12 tonics though, then you can ascend one of those green heroes (probably Kadilen since her special skill defense seems more useful than Margaret’s damage-based dodge). That way you’ll still have 6 tonics in case a better green hero pops up after ascending.

yep, Seshat for sure :slight_smile:

I like Leo myself too, he’s no Joon but he’s not bad either. High damage output, drains a decent amount of HP for himself and he’s got the largest mana cut in the game. Still though, average speed does hold him back. He’d be good for purple titans too. Kinda like with green, what you can do is just wait until you get 12 darts and then ascend him, if you still feel unsure about him, but I think he’s a more solid choice than Margaret or Kadilen.


Red: I’d wait. No point in ascending a second Mitsuko except for war and to me Elena is totally meh.

Blue: Frida is indeed solid and possibly a better choice for Titans, but I’d go with Alice.

Green: I’d give Kadilen a choice, the +74% defense against specials for the whole team is something quite interesting to me

Purple: that’s quite easy, Seshat. Domitia is simply not worth it if you have the undead lady, as she does almost the same but better. And minions are extremely useful.

Yellow: I vote ascending Leonidas. He’s not the best yellow, but 75% cure of the damage dealt + 40% mana cut is not to be underestimated.


:smiley: Thanks all of you for the trouble.
I really like Alice as well and always lean toward the fast heroes, but Frida’s debuff… I guess i can still use her debuff at 70 anyway on titans for not that much damage loss.
It would be unfair to say Leo doesnt help me much. He really is useful slowing the lianas/sartanas down during raids but I will almost certainly jump out of a building if i somehow get guin or bruce lee after spending those mats. I suppose that is a very very narrow window of opportunity though.

thanks again guys!

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I would also wait on the reds. Elena has awesome tile damage, but she is so, so fragile. Plus, Grazul may be worth chasing next month!

Blues - you can’t go wrong with either Frida or Alice. I want to like Frida more, but she’s usable at 3^70 whereas Alice needs to be maxed to really shine.

I would wait on the greens, too. Kingston is coming out in October and he looks amazing, so long as he doesn’t get nerfed.

Purples - Seshat, no question.

Yellows - Leo is better than folks give him credit for, but I dunno… You’ve got another shot at Guin next month.

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