First 5 Stars to Ascend

Back with some questions to forum about how to spend ascension mats.
Finally collected my first first set of all 4* ascension mats to start maxing my first 5* heroes and I have some interesting decisions to make.

Green: Kingston vs Eve (Love them both, also have Kadilen 1/1, but not a contender)
Purple: Sartana vs Jabberwock (also have Grimble, but not considered)
Yellow: Leo (Still 2/60, and not sure if he would worth it, though yellow is my weakest colour by far)
Blue: Isarnia (Again unsure, she is good but somehow feels outclassed by many other blues)
Red: Nothing

I want to use them in raid and war defence also, so that’s a consideration. I make some summons in events (saved 6000ish gems and some coins at the moment for Guardians + Next Atlantis) and have 2 TC20’s running.

Now my def is: Caed+6 / Rigard +11 / Li Xiu +10 / Grimm +11 / Scarlett +10

All ideas are welcome for ascension and also a potential defence improvements

Kingston top 3 wing in the game, Jabber works anywhere. Plus both are good with titan, so if I were you is to king and Jab


In my honest opinion, I would go with Kingston and Jabberwock. And yes Leo is a good 5* yellow to have, just give him emblems. Good luck


Kingston and Jabberwock would be my choice. Evelyn would be my 2nd green.
I would not max Isarnia unless you have her costume.


Only 1 I can answer is KINGSTON is a BEAST level him 1st of ALL

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