Which 5* to advance

Ok this is a bit of a quandary, after waiting for months I got 2 Tomes of Tactics and have 7 5* waiting to be ascended and really need advice on who to ascend… Sitting at 3-70 are Drake Fong, Magni, Elena, Morgan Le Fay, Domitia and Inari. recently got Grazul who is at 2-60.
My fully ascended roster is Ariel, Marjana, Joon, King Arthur, Vivica, Seshat and Evelyn
Would really appreciate some advice

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Wow. Lots of things to consider imo… like, tank color for war?

You have two blue and two yellow maxed… that are solid choices… :thinking:

I’m leaning towards drake or Magni though.

I like Elena… great attack stats… but not over your other choices. Same with Inari.

I love MLF but with Kingston next month, and Lianna still on the loose for you, I don’t think I’d max her yet.


Drake fong and magni if it was me

2 most versatile in your list

And when under 30 maxed 5s, versatility would be my 1st choice when possible typically unless i have a pretty important titan hero waiting(miki or tarlak etc)


Do you actually have the mats to ascend those heroes? It seems very unlucky if you’ve managed to gather 18 darts and telescopes but only 9 tomes.

Thank you, I was leaning towards those 2 but need a second opinion

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Elena and Magni for me, after waiting to see if you pull Kingston

Drake Fong asap and see if you are lucky for Kingston. If not, then Magni. I actually say the same thing @Rigs told you already.

P.S. Drake should be talented, not Joon, but always working together. I guess you’re facing a lots of Kunchen defenses. When I go 2 Drake + Joon, little chance for such defenses :slight_smile:


Pretty sure I said it before @Rigs. Just saying… lol


Didn’t notice, I apologize. I actually don’t read all the posts at one thread or I do it quickly. I read the one of @Rigs because I know is a good player and gives valuable advices. Usually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just giving you a hard time. All good. :slight_smile:


What he’s tryin to say is, he likes me better lol

Would say the same as @Math4lyfe and @Rigs, lol… Drake, Magni fast manas in offense can be delightful.


Idk who that math chick is, but think she just echoes my suggestions and pastes them in forum


Drake is the first choice for sure.

Drake absolutely. Outstanding on offence and defence he can run anywhere in your lineup and works in rainbow or in a colour stack. He’s the easiest choice.

Magni or MLF are your next options as Arthur into Magni and Eve into MLF are both good combos. Magni is like Drake and works very well on both sides of the game, but Eve into MLF May be better in war on offence given the prevalence of blue tanks.

As pointed out Kingston is the wild card so I’d go with a Drake and Wait strategy to see if October RNG blesses you with the RastaAlasie. Then decide on that second choice.

Elena would never be in consideration at this point. She’s too fragile to be a good tank and is primarily used as a tile damage booster vs green titans on advanced teams. That’s pretty niche for you atm.

He just doesn’t know me yet. :roll_eyes:

Whose fault is that?