Pick 3 5* to ascend

I only have 3 tomes. My limiting factor for 5*.

4th Ascension:

Ariel, Alasie
Alby, King
Drake, W. Rabbit
Sesh, G. Panther

3rd Ascension:

Anzogh, Grazul

2nd Ascension:

Aegir, Magni, Isarnia

1st Ascension:

Boss Wolf, Quintus, Obakan, Sartana, Kage, Grimble, Mok
Richard, Miki
Khagan, Elena
Neith, Musashi, Vivica
Morgan, Kad

Purple is my best supply of heroes and worst for AMs. I can ascend red, yellow, blue, or green right away with current AMs.

My tank varies between Drake and Ariel. Moving Aegir up now for consideration as tank.

Thanks for any thoughts.

You have enough snipers, so I’d max Grazul first, she’s great on offense and one of the most useful support heroes. Aegir would be probably your best choice for tank, BW is also tough nut to crack, but that’s about it, Aegir is great to have for offensive purposes too and on titans. Kage, LotL or Joon would me third choice.

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LotL > Grazzy > Burrito > Joon


Grazul > LotL > Miki

Graz is great for offense as has been stated. The folks in my alliance w/ LotL all swear by her, and I believe it… and Miki totally levels event bosses and will up your titan hits.


Already having Panther done, I’d want to take advantage - Kage is great and would play into that strength (plus Panther left flank, Kage right flank is nasty, especially if you tank a holy like Drake! And emblems would be available I presume?!)
Even if you’re not quite there on mats, I’d be tempted to wait.

Grazul seems useful for developed benches and I think you’d find that utility.

Your holy pair are awesome for targeting three, a sniper into that would really make that 3some rock… Joon.

Kage, Graz, Joon.

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In my honest opinion, for your 4 Tomes, I would currently go with Grazul, Kageburado, Aegir and LotL. Good luck

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Thx everyone! It’s great to get other helpful points of view.

I’ll also get Miki to 3/70 pronto.

LOTL>Kage for first two. As for your third, take Miki to 3/70 & see how your titan scores soar. Then make a decision on your third between Miki and one of the others. You may also have new 5* to choose from as well, like Vela or the Feb. HOTM by then.

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