[Feb 10, 2019] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!


This one was ok actually with Caedmon and Gandy

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Dispellers for the win! :dizzy:


I did a search for trial of nature and was surprised not to find an existing thread, but if there is one and I missed it please merge.

I was able to get together an almost maxed 5 star team and fell back to one very good 3 star for her special. I was surprised that I still had to use mana positions at the end, but I did have some bad boards. RedHood was really nice for this challenge as you could go into the last stage with 3 meat shields, all that healing and chao couldn’t mana steal.

It was an all woman team: RedHood, Liana, Evelyn, Athena (actually she is only at 4-60) and Melia. I could have brought a few 4 stars instead of melia, but liked her special and wanted an all female crew just for kicks. Melia held up surprising well, she never died and only got to half health once.

With a slightly better board at the end, I think I could have done it with no use of battle items.

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Merged. :slight_smile:


Good board and Khagan buffs save me


I managed to get my group through without a dedicated healer. In order, the team was Caedmon 4.70, Triton 4.70, Gadeirus 4.70, Chao 4.43, and Evelyn 3.70. Heroes were arranged so that those that don’t benefit from Evelyn’s nature link could receive Gadeirus’s HoT.

For the last quest, I took mana potions of all sizes and tornadoes. I was able to finish with everyone alive, though Caedmon was looking rough, only having used most of the minor and a couple of the regular Mana pots. I did hold Caed’s attack to cleanse Brienne’s buff. Next time I’ll ditch the tornadoes and bring antidotes instead.

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Also Attacks- Bombs/ Axes apparently will over write Brienne’s buff.

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Carpet bombing. Most expensive win yet.


Too weak for the last level, first 2 didn’t even use craft. Next time!
Good luck all!


Yep … I had no healers… :frowning:


I managed it with only 1 maxed hero; all green. Used 1 axe, bomb and dragon on last stage when I got down to just Evelyn with 200 health left. Here’s my team:

Belith - Caed 3/60 - Evelyn maxed - Brienne 3/20 - Horg 3/35

Evelyn’s spirit link was instrumental in keeping team alive.


Mine is somehow worse, no thanks to a complete lack of Druids/Tibs/Chao/Evelyn/Khagan/anything decent other than my still-not-maxed Buddy really:

And yet, I managed to beat the two first stages with this group of misfits:


I brought with me Zim / Alasie / Evelyn / Lianna / Caedmon

One of the easier trials for me since I can bring some firepower to my lineup.


Alberich Evelyn Lianna Athena Alasie.
One of the easiest trials for me since I could use only super top heroes. Didn’t need a single battle item on any level.

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@Starryeyedgryph, I want to offer these comments only as encouragement, not as criticism. I think the team you posted (and likely other comparable team power in other trials) can do the final stage, and possibly very handily (that is, with fairly inexpensive / no items). If you feel otherwise, I’d suggest you re-read the threads from past trials and review some of the teams that are succeeding.

I was uncertain if I could do the Trial of Nature, as my team was just under 2900. I was in a similar situation in a previous trial and passed, but later wished I had tried. So this time I tried, figuring at the least that I’d get some information about if that team was viable. I did it, though I spent 7-8 total axes/bombs.

However, if you’re saying it’s more fun for you to wait or you don’t want to use items, etc., the I think that’s a totally valid stance. It is a game, and you can and should maximize the amount of fun you are personally having. Best of luck!


This trial was easy. Completed it with maxed Red Hood, Squire Wabbit and Melia. I also had 1^1 Zimkitha and 3^62 Horghall in the team.

I used one bomb and two timestops. I didn’t really need those timestops but i wanted to be sure to complete it. I needed those emblems for my Red Hood.

Red Hood proved to be top hero. She totally made Chao look riddiculous with his mana drop skill :slight_smile:


First trial I was able to complete second stage, barely.
Belithe 3/50 1/1
Brienne 1/xx
Needler 2/40
Chao 3/60 the only one who can survive a special even with attack down


I probably could pass the final levels in some, but in all honesty, i don’t want to waste the 20 we even trying.
I’m really alright not trying these levels yet.

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Why not? Finally a challenge, for that one plays the game.

In the beginning I lost a lot world fights and never mind the waist of we. It’s just fun.


I bet you could do them when you’re ready, and lots of us (myself included) would be happy to help with suggestions if you want them. :slight_smile:

Whenever you decide to give them a try, whether it’s a few days or a few months, tag @IvyData @Olmor and me. :wink: