[Feb 10, 2019] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!


I don’t see why it’s that big of an issue? Also, why tag Ivy when they are a pretty new player? Just for the sake they have passed the hard levels?
20 world energy is a lot. And i just now got my forge up to level 20. Eventually I’ll try to harder levels when i have researched my crafting items I’ll need to replenish.
Sorry to get defensive, but i really will get there eventually.



Because Ivy offered to help too, and I didn’t want to leave them out :slight_smile:

Like I said, a few days, a few months…whenever you decide you want to try them, I’m happy to help if you’d like. :blush:

And if you never want to try them, that’s fine too, of course.



4^70+2 Melendor
2^50 Lianna
4^70 Melendor
3^60 Tiburtus
4^70+2 Chao

Better overall feeling with this one, because my heroes are better leveled and are of higher tier and I get to bring my strongest healer. I looked at the final 3, Chao, Horghall, and Brienne, the one that would be the most dangerous and catalyst would be Brienne since her special would be the most problematic, followed by Chao, and lastly Horghall. There were a few in Tibs’s spot that I considered, an extra cleanser/healer in Belith, my own Brienne for damage output overall. But ultimately went with Tiburtus because I like the immediate defense debuff as opposed to the gradual, situational damage buff from Brienne, and I have two cleansers in Melendor/Caedmon (which is good because it doesn’t require me to hit around Riposte type buffs). Plus, it is at least strong tile damage to Chao.

Didn’t bring an extra healer because I don’t want to prolong the battle, my standard Dragon/Bomb/Time Stop/Healing Aid(225). Being able to bring my best healer gives a very big notion of relief, so I didn’t opt to go with Mana vials this time. Plus Caedmon’s fast charge helps, even if it is adding neutral damage to green, but he can dispel plus add damage if Brienne’s damage comes on after a Melendor’s healing session. Chao did manage to fire off one, but it was against my own Chao, no worries there as the heals from Melendor is generally enough to bring everyone back up.

Ultimately, the last one to go was actually Brienne because I capitalized on Caedmon and Chao’s fast charge compounded by Tib’s Debuff and took out Chao, then Horghall, Brienne managed to get her special up, but got dispelled as soon as I have either Melendor / Caedmon recharged. Also helped I had a healthy looking green board to work with. No strong damage color against, but no real problem since I got the damage output I needed because there was no Riposte or improved Riposte (damage plus counter status, like Elena). Brienne had conjured up a Minion, but no real threat there.

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@Starryeyedgryph, I meant no offense. It’s a complete non-issue. I think your position is reasonable and I tried to convey in my post that I think everyone should play however they please.

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