Farming Atlantis 15-9 - what team do you use to autoplay?

I’ve experimented with a few variations to farm 15-9N on auto (I’m f2p, so I have limited loot tickets), but I haven’t found a reliable team to get past the bosses.

What lineup works for you?


This one?

I wouldn’t normally autoplay a level with a counter attack boss because the AI wouldn’t dispell it.

That being said @Gryphonknight proposed a team of

Kiril Boldtusk Rigard/sabina Melendor Wu Kong

As a great s.2 autoplay team because it will look after itself.


Thats the province. Thanks for lineup, I’ll give it a shot.

Worked first time, failed second time. Could be my troops.


May I ask what you’re getting from 15-9 that’s worth the trouble? I spend most my flags on 1-2 for backpacks and 6-9 for recruits.

@Raghadorn, best Recruits is 15-9N (7.58 /flag), and 6-9N (7.56 /flag) which is a very small different. No big deals though. :postal_horn: :muscle:

My auto farm plan after loot ticket gone…
Alby - Anzogh - Kiril - Delilah - Rigard

EDIT: 1st try, and failed, 4 heroes are died in boss stage, and I continue with manual, lucky can finish the stage… lol


This is known as difficult to autofarm because of the counter. You can help it some by focusing on the crane in the final without turning off auto, but there’s simply no guarantee.

I use my loot tickets only for farming this and 4-3 (when a normal monster chest spawns — it just takes forever otherwise). The vast majority of my farming is for backpacks, and that’s easy to auto play.

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I have used this team for all daily quests and farming on s1 and 2 all done on auto for the at least the last 6 months without any loses of a single hero.

Evelyn will be replaced by Telly soon though once it’s maxed currently on 50/4

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Actually if you recall or watched my video on the AR test in the other thread you will see that 15/8 hard is also by far the best for recruits at an average of 54 per 9 flags compared to around 32 for 4 flags on 15/8 and 9 normal and 15/9 hard.

15-9N is only 4 flags during AR. So it’s ~30 for 4 flags or ~54 9 flags

Thanks for the correction and I have edited it.


Yes, that’s why 15-9N is the best recruits… number 2 is 6-9N (best alternative for auto-farm).

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I like various combinations of heroes for Atlantis, recently I managed to get to 14-2 (hard) with this team:

So I’m favouring this for auto play, mainly for backpacks 1-7/8/9 (hard) but also 15-9 (normal)

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More healing than you’d normally run when controlling and holding back specials.

It’ll be slower, but that’s the key for me.

Dispel obviously is required for this riposte boss so Melendor, Sabina or both are going to get on the team.

Quite often these days I’ve run my minion team for farming and it’s pretty indestructible - Delilah heals, Telluria and Puss heal over time, Freya adds defence… The fifth hero depends what level is being farmed - it could be a blue (Isarnia or my 3.70 Snow White, they almost can’t die in this team so flimsy annihilators are my pick) or it could be a dispeller (Mel normally) or a cleanser (3.70 Locke rolls nicely in this team whilst waiting for that last tonic).


Well, I tried all healers and was only 1 for 2. Maybe it requires 5* or $$/lucky heroes???

Another fail:

I didn’t necessarily mean all healers, but more… You might normally run one on a team, for auto farming I’d want 3 maybe 4 and a hard hitter or two.

5* hero’s certainly help when you’re getting into farming harder levels…

Why are y’all using 4s for this. Use you’re decent 5s

This team gets me through autoplay even at 15-9 hard


Well, not everyone have decent 5*.
Okay, 2nd try using this team, so far so good.

Costume Melendor: flip def down from boss, dispell counter attack from boss, HoT to counter poison every turn
Seshat: dispell counter attack boss
Anzogh: AoE plus heal
Vela: AoE plus DoT
Delilah: Direct heal, minion protector


No Win/Lose Last Allies Life
1 win Seshat
2 win all Allies life
3 win Seshat
4 win Seshat, Anzogh, Delilah
5 win Seshat, Anzogh, Vela, Delilah
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Oh. I thought everyone has something akin to my farming team. My bad

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@wick_dawg–I think people were looking at my f2p comment and avoiding the harder-to-acquire heroes. It’s good to see different things that work, though.

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