Autofarming S2 Missions

Hi all, I hope everyone is well.

So I just finished all Special stage missions, and just started S2 monster and boss missions IV. (Kappas and Gashdokuros)

Up until now, I’ve been able to autofarm the required levels consistently, with the occasional, very rare, fail.

I’m a bit concerned that 14-9 and then 25-1 will be harder, and hence more autofarm fails. Has anyone been autofarming these with a decent success rate? What’s your team, please post below.



Twenty bumps…

I’m autofarming 25-1 (normal) at the moment with a team of Marjana, Perseus, Delilah, Lianna and Sartana. I only lost once while autofarming because of a very bad luck I guess. And this one loss was out of 180 fights. I think if I was using two healers this loss would not happen.


Thanks mate.

That’s reassuring.

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I auto 14-9 N with BT- Buddy- Gravy- Jackal- Sabina.
It does fail occasionally, so I generally try to check in on the boss wave.
Currently up to 161/200 Gashadoohickeys and 883/1600 kappas.
I might also try the healers + wu kong team (is it Gryphonknight’s?) when my melendor is near maxed. or just later today when I have some WE to blow.

Edit: credit to mardmarv and gryphonknight


Update: I would’ve lost a second time today if i didn’t step in and help my team. Every attack of the opponent seems to be directed at Delilah and with a bad board and horrible choices by AI she died on wave 3. After that Gadeirus self heal and some attacks later two more of my heroes died and I had to step in.
Of course if you have better heroes (for example Albi) even the worst boards should not be a problem.
So with a bad board and some good AI attacks from the opponent losing is possible. My advice is to autofarm, but check on how your team is doing from time to time.
So you have to do some helicopter parenting :slight_smile:


I can help you clear the dream that having Alby on your team will make sure you can autoplay every level…
Tried it with Alby, G Jack, Joon, viv an wu on the darklord.
I can tell you the experiment ended very quickly :rofl:


Thank you Perilin.

This is good advice from you.

I might try;
Boldy +1
Mother +6
Ariel 4-1
Sabina +18
Wu +10

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@madmarv has a great team for standard heroes

Kiril - Melendor - BT - Rigard - Wu

I modified mine to:

Kiril - Tarlak - Ares - Rigard - Vivica


Thanks for asking @Inigo, great timing as I just got to Mission IV as well :smile: appreciate all the advice! I will try 2-3 healers + some 5* max heroes for level 14-9 but am intrigued by the 4 healers + Wu approach as well lol, thanks @Perilin


no thanks for me, I just linked someone else’s idea since I’m planning on trying it myself :stuck_out_tongue:


My first attempt at healers + wu failed on the 14-9 boss.
So I think I might go back to my old setup.


The autofarming 4-star team is only meant for the low-ish levels of S2. Generally any Province that costs 6 WE (or 3 WE under Atlantis Rising) is auto-farmable with the team.

I’ve tested the team up into P15 and higher but those are not reliable wins on auto-play.

For higher levels, I’d go with a rainbow 5-star healer team + Hel or Proteus. Those seem to have better chances. If you’ve got Santa (minions are like healing), Tarlak and Aegir that works the best for auto-farming.


Stupid question. I understand with autofarming, it’s allowing the bot to do it (top right icon), but each time it finishes, you need to “replay” manually, correct? Or can you somehow make it hit replay automatically too, so it burns through all of your world energy?

Still a newbie so thanks in advance

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Go for S2-14-10.

The one with Inari boss is useless against the healer+Wu team.


Yes. It is fast forward button at the top right.

As for replay without actually playing, you need tickets for it.

Sadly, it doesn’t complete my kappa missions though :slight_smile:

@madmarv I like your auto farm team very much though and I will be using it for just about everything else. I thought it was worth trying on 14-9. I’m sure it can be tweaked to work, but I don’t have the right 5s.

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14-9 was harder to auto farm than 25-1. I had to semi pay attention to 14-9. Team:

Alby, Ariel, Grave, Hel, Poseidon


I’m trying with

Moma +6
Red Hood
Wu +10, but might swap out for Viv

Currently Ariel (and Viv) are 4-1 and Red Hood is 3-70 so room to improve.

It autofarms earlier stages well enough so far, but I need to step in on the boss level.

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Wow. You are right @AirHawk! S2-14-10 normal is trivial with Kiril-Mel-BT-Rigard-Viv.
Never in ANY danger - due to Inari boss not dealing damage.

This may be my new go to farming place during Atlantis Rising if I want to save my loot tickets.

The auto farming takes quite a while, but looks safe and consistent.

Does anyone know if the S2-14-10 normal mode loot is any good? I think the recruits are a bit lower than say 15-9N


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