Farming or auto team - show me yours!

To follow @Devilution’s idea @

Anyone have a team they use specifically for farming or auto-levels?

i use this team for 8-7, 13-6 and maybe max 16-9 - wouldn’t trust this team for levels beyond that.

I have a different team to farm 22-1 but I don’t always win that.

This second team can comfortably auto-farm the first 3 stages of a Rare quest.

I’ve shown you mine so please show me yours!


EDIT: My second team is slightly different now - I’ve re-arranged Kiril and Boldtusk to make use of their attack increases.

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Deliliah for her minions in case corner enemies are lingering and tiles are sucking. Fast and/or AoE across the board.


I use 5* heroes who I haven’t leveled yet which is just about everyone as I’m still leveling up my core 4*. It’s fun to play around with them as they aren’t leveled up enough to be viable for anything else yet.


I use whichever team I’m currently leveling so I can get used to how the heroes work


Good strategy for learning heroes


It does make for some interesting combinations. Right now in the same team I have a 4/66 Tiburtus and a 1/18 Wilbur

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Sorry, 1/15 Wilbur


This is my go to team for all my farming. Works very well for me. I use it on 5-8, 8-7, 12-6 and 13-6. Only higher level i do beyond these 4 levels is 23-11. (But thats with loot tickets lol)


I do alot of farming, im pumping out a ton of feeders and i only run training camps 1, 2, and 11. I average 250 -300 levels per week on heros.

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My 20-4 auto farm team


I found good use for Kong, lol, at least for 8-7 farming :wink:


Those are my heroes till 16-9


Thanks everyone, very insightful.

Good idea @GERATH

Li Xiu, Agwe (all enemies + average mana)

Would be awesome if I had Jack o’hare or Kong

My strongest team :smiley:

It’s fun to see a whole board being whitewashed by Zeline. Or (sometimes i do Colen for fun) see every hero burn down by Colen.

Why my strongest team? It always works on autoplay, even on 20-4 when i’m farming for reds. And on 8-7 i’m done in 12 hits (when i’m playing myself 8 hits happens sometimes) …

My normal team Sartana Magni Delilah GM and Zeline. Zeline is sometimes replaced By Marjana, Rana or Panther. Depends on my raids :smiley:

This is the team I use for all my auto farming, 12-9 mostly


Update : I’ve revamped my auto farm team for 23-1 and harder events, thanks to Rigard, Magni and my 4* purple troop

Died once in 23-1, probably an 85% success rate.

Setting up auto farm teams and strategising same is one of my favourite parts of this game I think


I also did some changes, this is how my farm team looks like now:


8-7 and easy level auto farm

Hard level auto farm team

Will really be a proud moment for me as an FTP player when I get to max Lianna as I have been dreaming of a rainbow 5* autofarm team for a long time now. It has taken a long time but I will finally get there.


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My all-purpose rainbow team is:

Proteus-Boldtusk-Melendor-Boril-Delilah. The Green hero used to be Kashhrek. I use it when playing pretty much everything on the map, auto-play or not. S2 hard modes require some tweaking, and I’m not fully done S2, but am near the end.

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