Atlantis Hard Mode Question – Faster Generic Rainbow Team

Looking for advice on a generic team (aka rainbow) to go thru the atlantis levels, in order to speed it up.
Snipers? fast mana? AoE?

I use this team to autoplay S2:1-8H.

They’re pretty reliable, though every now and then with the right board the AI can get itself into trouble, so I try to keep an eye on it when they’re playing through.

This team is vastly overkill for manually playing levels. I originally made it through all of Hard Mode almost entirely with 4*. The extra power is needed to overcome the autoplay AI being dumb.

Are you looking for a team for autoplay farming, manual farming, or playing through new Stages?


Playing through new stages.
I’m only in S2-13-6 (out of neglect)
I was thinking Li Xiu-Caedmon-Tiburtus-Kelile-Sonya

debating keeping Boldtusk in the rotation

When I went through them originally, I did most of them with 2-3 healers/Wilbur, and then some hitters. I usually swapped around my team slightly to stack a little more for the enemy and boss colors for each Stage. I jumped around between Stages to do all the ones using the same team, so I didn’t have to swap them around each time.

Another strategy is multiple healers plus Wu.

Some of the later stages are likely to get harder without any healer on your team, though the team you suggested might be fine for a while. Having dispellers plus a defense debuffer gives you some good coverage for various bosses, so that’s a nice generic team.


That’s a nice team I would take a healer or 2 though or add Wu Kong and a healer especially dealing with those special boards and underwater boards

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I made my way through all Hard stage with
Rigard - Mel - Wilbur - Wu - Proteus

Just playing the board with Wu + Wilbur was enough to kill everything, with Proteus making sure no boss ever unleashed his special.

2 healers might be necessary for later province though. Otherwise, with Tiburtus + 1-2 sniper, should do the job


I went most of the way with 2 riposte, 1 healer or 2 healers and Wu Kong and sometimes I would use Tiburtus and Gormek. I was limited in my heroes so riposte was my best friend Rigard, Boril, Cyprian, Gormek, Wu Kong, or Kiril is in there and usually for the underwater boards swap Tiburtus for Gormek. Towards the later stages needed 2 healers

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Riposte is indeed underrated and can be very handy in hard mode, as the bosses and the mob, hits hard.
Double healer + Double riposte + Wu could bring you far i think.
Kiril/Bt - Cyprian - Rigard - Boril - Wu

Bring mana + health pots and it should be good.
Long fights ahead, but doable!


LOL. It is exactly what I did. Wilbur ftw :heart_decoration:


For the longest time, that’s all I had was Rigard, Tiburtus, Gormek, Boril, Cyprian then eventually I got Kiril and Wu Kong before him so I had to learn to use riposte and it worked well with enemies specials who hit hard but sucked against heroes who had DOT or ailments but it got me through I ran into problems with Kageburado though he slices through riposte with no damage and had a few issues with Atomos because of that resurrection ordeal but everyone else I lived minus Ursena on hard mode


The harder it got I ended up using Rigard, Cyprian Boril and Kiril and in the middle have like Gormek or Wu Kong depending on the Boss or special stage so everyone is covered in riposte


what about Rigard-Li Xui-Boldtust-Boril-Melendor?

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I should just kill you now @zephyr1 … you have vivica

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My go-to team is Kiril - Elena - Leonidas - Obakan - Tarlak

Leonidas could turn into a Vivica for harder provinces and Kiril into a Magni

RNG liked giving me holy 5* from TC20, my first 3 5* from TC20 were Vivica, Leonidas, and Joon. :man_shrugging:

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This thread is so helpful!

Two Atlantis previously I just grinded away finishing S2 - normal … and it was a grind!

This last Atlantis I treated myself to just farming for recruits and resources with loot tickets and WE flasks.

Unless I get a couple/few good heroes from Avalon/Atlantis to work on, I don’t really need a lot of recruits. This Atlantis my plan is to start grinding through the hard stages and I have more incentive now with the advice on this thread.


This is my current season 2 hard mode team. I’m in province 10 stage 6.

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The two healers for me is a must. Having Evelyn, Marjana, and Triton all as fast mana speed helps. Triton’s healing boost comes in very handy as well.


How well is triton working for you?

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